The next "Blood Gultch" in Halo

Do you think ther will be a Blood Gultch in Halo 4? There has to be Blood Gultch and it’s successors are legendary maps in Halo and Halo without Blood Gultch is just wrong.

No Blood Gulch.

Hemorrhage plays like crap. It’s a fundamental flaw that the map just does not mesh with hitscan weapons.

Valhalla was much better, still flawed though.


Thats what I meant a new version of Blood Gultch not the map itself.

No to Blood Gulch. A map similar in design (such as Valhalla) might be OK, but BG has become overused and pretty boring.


No. After playing the dreadful Hemorrhage I’d rather not see a version of it again.

Blood Gulch is a bad map and your should feel bad.

Valhalla is far superior.

No. It’s over a decade old and I would much rather have something new.


They said there was gonna be a map that played like Blood Gulch mixed with Water Works

I’m pretty sure someone will remake it in forge.

Valhalla was great remake that .

Although adding AA’s on to older maps doesn’t really work

A canyon based map is a decent idea, look at reaches GOOD BTB maps you find in customs (because good maps don’t get on matchmaking, thx crappy cartographers). thos map are build canyon based and work very well, they arn’t BG variants but are based on an canyon. SO, i say no to BG again but yes to canyon style maps.
Also I would really like an aesthetic like the one Grstly pointed out. That woul be cool for a forge space as well.


99% chance there will be a Blood Gulch like map since every piece to create one is there and the Forge World map they revealed already hint that it is easily doable.