The Next Big Game Mode

Just an idea for the next Warzone game type. What about an objective where you can call on enemy A.I. to attack their core. (Thinking about Halo Wars). But seriously lets say we have certain bosses and whoever beats them can send enemy A.I.s to attack so the other team would have to defend. So we would have a small map with only core bases an a couple areas where bosses would spawn. this game mode however should make it where they cannot attack the other teams players but their vehicles only. This would make sure people wont just spawn kill or trap and make people actually focus on boss objectives. So imagine having 3 wardens approaching your base while the other team has to fight off a huge warthog or ghost assault. Let me know what you guys think about this.

It’s a pretty cool idea, I’ve also imagined warzone regicide and and oddball. Could be cool

Seems cool. I have always wanted a RTS like game where you can drop down into the FPS view of one of the soldiers in your army and face the huge battles of a RTS game. A RTS mod for Half-Life 2 called Lambda Wars had a feature like that and it was awesome.