The New Updates

Who else agrees to this???

These new updates that MIGHT come to Halo Infinite were quite disappointing. The fact of the matter is that this Yappening event is not even worth playing. The customization pieces are not even worth trying to get. There is a necessity for more maps than the customization of armor. There also needs to be new modes that is not in the new updates like firefight and a battle royale. I feel like there is not much focus on these few things. I do like the idea of a new battle item, new weapon, and coop campaign. But that is it…which is pretty bad. 343 you have got to get your act together! I have played Halo since the very beginning and I would like it if my kids can to. If you are continuing to make updates on Halo MCC, please stop. That game has run it’s course. Please focus on future titles otherwise, you’re going to be stuck with Halo MCC and there will be no future to this franchise.

Hundred and 17% agreed.

I haven’t played the Yappening Event for the challenges. Overall it’s a fun playlist and and should be integrated into BTB.


Yeah I seen Sketch’s tweet asking how people would feel about time-limited customisation from Infinites pre-release time being made available in store and I’m just sat thinking that customisation right now is one of the lowest things this game needs focused on right now… has been for a long time.

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All that’s left on MCC is a skeleton crew. We do still need people maintaining it and doing future updates to fix bugs. Did you know that the most recent update broke H2A multiplayer? It did and it needs fixed.

Other than that what they need to do is focus on getting the multiplayer experience in infinite straightened out. Fix ping spikes, desync, load errors and add all the missing content that should have been there at launch like forge, custom games actually working, all the core game types and proper progression. Co-op Will be added, but of course without split screen like they promised for every Halo title moving forward. Player expression does still need work. Cross core is so badly needed and a complete overhaul should be done for coatings so that people can be the colors they want to be. Here I am 2 year later still waiting for a black and navy coating. Meanwhile there’s several black and red or orange.

Making items that have already been created available in the store shouldn’t be a heavy lift at all though - if anything, it might buy them some time to work on other things.

Nobody working on cosmetics is going to be working on netcode either.

Yes! When I play halo I feel like I don’t care about customization anymore.
I still change up my Spartan almost everyday with the limited options I have, which is sad. Overall the Yappening is fun to play with friends and enjoy. Focusing on challenges and trying to get the lamé customization features aren’t worth it to me anymore.