The new update for the shop programme

343 Industries I regret to inform you since this new update you have decided to put up a bug issue on fortunate I am not on the report programming system any further the Xbox One Series s

All the loading should load up immediately somebody has authorised a bug on to the network as I’m not on the book program so I’m reporting it to you that when loading up the contents on the main screen when you press the button and go into campaign multiplayer or any particular kind of structure the logo symbol for your season pass and also the bottom right-hand corner of your Gamertag and it seems that there is an error and a loading issue could you please remove this immediately of this is getting very annoying now I’ve decided to take myself off the report program so so I’m reporting this issue on your service somebody has uploaded a bug issue temporarily and I generally don’t know who is doing this when I am not on the report program any favour

Can you please sort out this issue immediately is every time you load up new features into the store and new weapon skins and all that a bug issue is always declaring