The new "BR"

Well since Halo 4 is coming I doubt that the DMR or BR will make its appearance since the UNSC might not be involved in the game, but who knows we might see UNSC.

Halo 4 might have totally different weapons than what we’ve been used to for the past 10 years, but knowing from the trailer we seen from Halo 4 we might get something like the BR.

Would you guys like to have something like the BR from previous games or something entirely new that would either replace the BR or be something similar to it.

This is based on the assumptions if we see the UNSC or not in Halo 4

i want the BR!!! but maybe 343 will be able to make a gun that will satisfy DMR users and BR users, or maybe just include both guns! who knows/

As long as it fires, what matters?

I think that rhymed.

I think an updated version(s) of the BR and DMR would be better.

As long as it doesn’t have bloom, it’s great to me.

I have an idea bring the carbine back to satisfy the DMR users… and the BR back with BXR lulzzzzzz

Sure, BR/DMR type of weapon would be nice, however unlike in previous game it shouldn’t be the best weapon in the game/OP. A good game rests on a sanbox concisting of balanced weapons, sure there is fun to have 40+ guns in CoD, but you end up using 2-3 since they’re the best (unbalanced). Same goes for Halo, get an BR/DMR and a power weapon, if possible, otherwise just keep the BR/DMR.
Distance? Well you just pace your shots, up close you’ll spam, there is no need to every use a Assault Rifle, Needler, Carbine, Needle Rifle etc. other then back up weapon, since BR/DMR will dominate everything but a power weapon at any distance.
Homefront, for example, just got 12 guns but those guns are balanced, in cqc an SMG will win against an assault unless the assault guy is really, really good. At a distance one assault might be good, while another is better for close range. Every weapon in game has a nice and an effective area where it is “the best”, a situation where it’s a beast, and it forces you as a player to think more, work as a team, and sometimes even change weapon depending on situation.

The game got an BR (m16 rifle), single shot, kills at 3-4 shots at long range, they got the BR (Scar-L) 3 burst gun, a fast Assault rifle for close encounters (ACR) and one for distant fights that gain accuracy if you fire bursts/pace your shots (M4). No gun “is the best”, no one will give you an easy victory unless you are smart enough to use it at an optimal distance, and skill to know how to use it. It’s hard to describe in Halo terms, but it’s great to play. All guns are used, all fill a different role, camping is always bad since the sniper sucks at close-mid range etc.
More skill, less spam. The game got a “bloom like system”, but unlike bloom it works flawless :slight_smile:

Lol you can spam your dmr long range and kill people bullet magnetism is a b word

343i seems to have a great deal of respect for canon, so I think we can assume that there won’t be a DMR in Halo 4, seeing as it is was for the Army and Chief is in the Navy. I’d like the Battle Rifle to return, but if it doesn’t, we need another type of useful utility weapon.

People say that utlility weapons make the game dull because people don’t use anything else, but it’s important for gameplay because you need to have a gun that will give you the confidence you need to move around the map and not feel completely defenseless. Halo has always had a weapon that allows players to transition from long range or short range situations while being able to control the map and power weapons.

I have grown accustom to the DMR from Halo: Reach, so I would not mind seeing something similar to that in Halo 4.


Frankie has said that it’s “reasonable” to assume that we’re going to get some of our weapons from the “giant military frigate” he’s drifting on. So I imagine we’ll see some old favorites return in the beginning of the game. But I suspect we’ll be introduced to a whole swathe of new weapons inside the shield world.

I’m betting we’ll see the return of human weapons, but we’ll also get a new arsenal of Forerunner-tech weapons as well.

I bet the BR is back.

Screw the BR, the HCe pistol was the best! Single-shot weapons are more punishing and are harder to use ,Burst rifles like the BR should never be the utility weapon its too easy to 4SK people with it!

Bring back the HCE pistol! It was the most skilled and iconic weapon of the Halo series! Its time for the return of the M6D enough of these inferior rifles!

I find it funny that during the Halo 3 days, everyone complained about the br. Now everyone wants it back.

How about a gun that satisfies both, a gun with a semi-automatic and a burst function that you can switch between, semi=single shot, slightly more accurate and does as much damage as 2 bullets in the burst function. Burst=3 round burst, slightly less accurate than semi but all 3 rounds as a whole does more damage than the single shot. All put together in a single BR. Does anyone else like this idea?

> Halo 2 took skill…

Due to its MASSIVE aim-assist and bullet magnetism, H2 is the game that took the least amount of skill.

  • Dual-wield spraying? NO skill required AT ALL except having to be able to squeeze two triggers at once.

  • Shotgun? Being host isn’t a skill, unless you engage in some network manipulation. But that’s a game of its own.

  • Sniper/beam rifle? Oh yeah, abusing the bullet magnetism for sweep-sniping really took skill … NOT.

  • BR/carbine? Hitscan + MASSIVE bullet magnetism = skill? If you say so…

I would like to know your opinions, hope or ideas for the next rifle for Halo 4. I personally love the BR and have always since H2. I like the DMR as well. I hope they bring back the BR like it was in H2, personally. OR, maybe a hybrid of the BR and the DMR; say a 2 shot burst. Also, make it look like a hybrid of them both so that way it will have its own identity apart from bungies’ rifles. That’s my say, if they brought it back either way I would be happy. Your say…

The carbine and the br really were perfect together and I just hope both can come back in halo 4 in some form even though they may be slightly tweaked. Just no hitscan please!

No Rifles, none at all please.

CE didn’t need a rifle, H4 does not need a rifle.

> No Rifles, none at all please.
> CE didn’t need a rifle, H4 does not need a rifle.

I would very much like a Rifle because I don’t want some garbage Pistol thats way Overpowered.

> > No Rifles, none at all please.
> >
> > CE didn’t need a rifle, H4 does not need a rifle.
> I would very much like a Rifle because I don’t want some garbage Pistol thats way Overpowered.

So… a garbage overpowered Rifle is acceptable, but a pistol is not?

Really, I guess I’m saying one or the other, and pointing out that CE does NOT have a rifle.

As far as the actual spec though… what does it matter if you have all that packaged in a rifle or a pistol?

Oh… wait… you’re one of those guys who wants duel wielding back eh? No.

It’s already confirmed that he will get some of his weapons from the FuD. So the BR will most likely be in.