The new M6D Spartan Company ready for recruits!

We have been around for a long time as a small group, so we started this company. We are recruiting and we are selective.
If u have a negative attitude, blame your teammates, start trouble with other companies and Smurf… YOU NEED NOT APPLY TO THIS COMPANY.

“YOUR ONLY AS STRONG AS YOUR TEAM!” Don’t lose sight of that… No single soldier has ever won a war!!!

We get it done without tricks and cheats. Guys/gals… This is a game… Let’s have fun with it while kicking some serious enemy Spartan tail.
We are all about MCC, BTB, Arena, and if we have time Warzone.
****If u apply, u will be tested for team compatibility. Being active in Halo is encouraged. Playing with fellow M6D members is a must or why be in a Spartan Company? The team dynamic is real! ***
Any generic application will be discarded, tell us what your looking for in a Spartan Company and little about your history with the Halo universe when applying, that’s important.

Well… U want in??? Let’s see what you got!!