The new figures should be like the Joyride series.

If the new figures are going to be released for Halo Infinite, they should have them be like the Joyride series.

The Joyride figures were my personal favorite. They were a pretty good size, they were made of some sturdy plastic, their weapons have mag clips like they can actually be reloaded, and best of all, reflective visors. Now those were some nice touches. And the nostalgia hits me right at home.

So, seeing that Halo is heading back to its old roots, making the figures like they did back then with some improvements might be a good way for Halo to sell. Plus, I’m sure that many of the old fans might appreciate something like that.

Who’s with me on this?

Sounds legit . I would like halo infinite legendary edition to be up for sale , one like reach .

I’m with you mate! :smiley: We can hope.

I wished they’d go back to Mcfarlane. Their Elite Zealot and Jul’Mdama figures were great.