The new BP armor has sort of grown on me (except for the helmets)

I like the grit and grime aesthetic is one step even further than the Reach stuff was, and all of it looks like military hardware. The camos are cool and the pieces looking like stuff thrown together in field operations is a cool aesthetic that feels very Halo compared to the Power Rangers armor 343 has churned out in the past.

I do find the new helmets lackluster though. which is a bit of a shame since the helmet is the centerpiece of any armor set. Wish we’d just get Security already.

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I agree, the armor looks so cool.

The helmets though… It’s clear that they took inspiration from modern military design and that’s not necessarily a bad thing… But I’m way more excited to get the more futuristic and “original” Mark 7 armors from this Pass than I am to unlock the Raksha stuff. I feel that if this Season was focused primarily on the Mark 7 armors, it would have been a lot better than splitting it to the Raksha core.

I’m a big fan of these helmets, I’ve always liked the boxy-junky aesthetic. Nonetheless, this sort of disparity is exactly why they need full-cross-core compatibility already.

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Yeah I’d literally pay to mix and match Reach set onto Raksha.

I like the 1st Helmet unlocked from the BP, it gives me Scout Trooper vibes.

while Rakshaka is actually broken atm for Body type 1 & 2, i do dig its aesthetic too myself, not too big of a fan of the helmets either but i like the body and aesthetic, like a spartan in marine gear.