The Netcode is so Bad

How does anyone still play this game? The netcode is so bad. The number of shots not registering is ridiculous. It makes no difference what my ping says. I still get shot around corners, get back smacked from the front, and then I get to watch them -Yoink!- me except they are crouching 10 feet away from where my body is on my screen.

I file bug reports. 3 months later I get a response… Oh is this still happening? Well of course it is because you haven’t done anything to fix it… Have you? Please send us video evidence to help. Maybe I could if you would fix theater. Plus, it’s not like there are videos literally everywhere showing how bad it is… even in LAN matches.

I apologize for the rant but this has been going on for 9 months now and it just seems to be getting worse not better. I play on a Series X and I would love to know if there is something I can do to make it better on my end.


Everytime I had a join in progess in this game the first thing that happens I get the first death immediately from the opposite team as I was in there sight after spawning into the session. This f~cking sh~t happend several times today. The spawns are f~cked.


The Tactical Slayer playlist and Snipers playlist are giant advertisements for how bad the netcode and spawns are. It is quite obvious when your shots don’t register on an enemy and then they turn around and kill you. And there is no reason you should ever get spawn killed on a map like Launch Site.


Absolutely nothing you can do on your end to make it better. Except maybe using a VPN and routing your ping to a foreign country.

90% of my games my ping is consistently under 30. I still get shot through walls. But more commonly I get blank melees. I don’t usually melee anymore because it actually happens almost 50% of the time. Very rare to get a melee trade to register.

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That’s the neat part you don’t (link is to a omni man reaction meme)

There is almost no point in submitting tickets. Every time I do they just tell me “we can’t help with in game issues.” And copy paste a bunch of articles from beta.

de-sync coupled with no player collison is gawd awful

I can half@^% be ok with no player collison for teammates, I wouldn’t like it, I wouldn’t agree with it but I could tolerate it.
But if I get back-smacked by the dude that just phased through me one more time…i swear to what ever god you want to believe in…

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Dude I was playing ranked and noticed so many y times That I had to use a whole magazine of the BR to drop players while they dropped me in 3 shots. Something is definitely off with this game.

I don’t think it’s actually going to be fixed and this is basically the best they can do since the game is. Roken at it’s foundation.


I don’t know anything about netcode. I wish I could say getting shot around corners or through walls was a rare occurrence. It is not. It happens nearly every match. The game feels so weird at times its disorienting. But when it is working it feels brilliant. Its just so rare that things seem to be working.


Bad is too kind of a word to use.

Yea apex at 100 ping gets better shot registration than infinite at 20 lol. I can only think of 1 game I’ve played recently that I’d rate worse online - chivalry 2 - but it has wonky hit boxes or something. And yea sad we can watch people playing LAN and still having issues. 343…come on.

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We wont be getting a fix to desync most likely. It’s just going to get worse as content is added.

So I’m guessing the people at 343i are just gonna pretend it’s not a thing?

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I’m convinced the ping counter is either not accurate or doesn’t really mean anything because for the most part I can have low-ish ping games and wild stuff still happens. Like another person said my melees are 50/50 if they land or not, it almost feels like I have to be sitting on the persons shoulders for them to register because I will be within what should be melee range and hit it to only swing and miss but then the enemy player still at the exact same distance hits theirs and they lunge at me, I have lost so many trades due to this. Shoot I recently played a match and watched an enemy player who was in front of me facing the other direction swing for a melee as I was backing away from him and then a full second later my screen lights up to indicate he landed a melee hit on my and I was not even near him…its wild…how are you suppose to tell what your true skill is when during any given game you may not only be fighting other spartans but also have to hope the network gods are in your favor that round?

343 mentioned a while back that they implemented some sort of favor-the-shooter system.

My experience is that this only becomes beneficial for high ping players. Such that when you have a bad connection to the game it helps you by giving you credit for shots that you landed on your screen even if you were actually nowhere close due to your bad connection.

This has the effect of making the game play poorly for the players in the match that have a good connection to the game. Because now on their screen they are getting shot behind walls and lunge punched from 10 feet away.

Then on top of this, you throw in the desync that is even showing up in LAN matches and the whole thing is just a giant broken mess.

343 has claimed fixing desync is a priority while also moving everyone who was working on it to work on other things.

From my understanding based off conversations with a few friends of mine at 343 desync is not only a 343 issue. It’s an Xbox issue at large. Apparently Xbox has not updated the way they collect and store data on every single player. This for some reason is a part of the issue. The reason we have desync in Halo and not other games is because Halo is a first party title while other games are not and therefore is directly connected to your Xbox profile.

What I’ve been told is to except desync to get worse as content is added to Infinite. It also doesn’t sound like 343 has enough network engineers on staff to work on the issue on their end.

To be honest there doesn’t seem to be a lot of optimism surrounding Infinite around the studio. I’ve been told to possibly expect bad news from the studio this week or next. Though I have no idea what the news will be.

Desync has gotten much better since launch. There have been hotfix updates & drop pod updates that were improving it.

Agree 100% with everything you said. A lot of my games are below 15 ping and almost never above 40 ping. it’s a real struggle to get melee trades still.

No idea what game you are playing but desync has not gotten better. Not even close. It gets worse with every update and not a single update has worked on improving the issue at all.


I don’t know if my most recent game of ranked was a case of favoring shooters with bad connections but I just played a ranked match on 39 ping which isn’t horrible and literally could not win a 1v1 to save my life. Even on players I got the jump on and got two burst off on them first it was like they were able to engage me and just melt me instantly. I know very little about networking and all that stuff but it feels like I am more frequently getting games where I feel like I’m behind the eight ball if you know what I mean. I can go into a fight full shields and get melted instantly almost like I had half or no shield at all. Am I getting shot before hand and just not being notified? Is the game just that delayed on my end? At this point I have no clue why some games feel like no matter what you do winning a gunfight feels impossible. And I hate having those games because I know all I am doing is dragging my team down so the best I can do is try to play objective while racking up deaths.