The Nephilim looking for more recruits

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We are always looking to recruit more members into our clan/brotherhood. We are about loyalty and respect and having fun. We do matchmaking, custom games, and hold weekly meetings consisting of discussions and promotions. We have a military style ranking system consisting of more undersized ranks within the lower ranks. Each person has his/her own rank, each with a different job, allowing each person to have a unique contribution to the clan.

We are also interested in becoming allies with other clans, the more connections, the better. Always looking for friends.

We have many legit maps to offer in customs. We also have a well fortified HQ where we hold our meetings, court sessions, ceremonies, and clan battles.

We need loyal, respectful, recruits looking to have fun and grow bigger and stronger with us. If you are looking to join a clan/brotherhood, having fun, looking to cooperate as a team and dominate, then look no further. If interested, contact me Gamertag: Brent McKenley