The Needler: Good, Bad & The Ugly

The good: The needler feels great. it looks great.

The bad: The sound still needsto sound more similar to the classic needler. Not just the firing sounds but the crystal sounds themselves. I can’t even hear the super combine. When the super combine happens I want to hear Crystal shrapnel everywhere. And speaking of crystal shrapnel everywhere.

The ugly: The crystals don’t ricochet!!! I want my crystals to ricochet like all the classic Halos. When the crystals explode there is no shrapnel. I especially want shrapnel with the super combine. It just makes the needler more fun. For example the Halo Reach needler was so much fun because of all the particles FX.
Also the Crystals on the needler need to have some sort of energy effect flowing through them. They are also missing glow maps. They are producing light therefore they should glow.

The needler is my favorite weapon in halo. Please over top the Halo Reach needler. I want that same feeling with it. Please and thank you.


It’s next to useless but I legit love the H3 Needler. Whenever I use it and get kills I’m so happy. It is useless against anyone who knows how to strafe though.

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i found the HI needler refreshing

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Sound design aside, this is the best the needler has ever felt using as a gun.

The freaking needler is so much different than other Halo games. I can’t tell you how many times I have used it and I will have the entire clip hit a guy and he walks away fine. While I have videos of three needles hitting me and making me explode. I’ve even tested it in a customer split screen game and it is so freaking inconsistent and it just feels different than it did in reach.


I miss the halo 5 needler variations

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Useless? Nah its basically a free kill in a 1v1 at certain ranges.

Its not the best but it does its purpose


It’s very easy to avoid in H3 with a strafe.

This is a halo infinite post though so im not sure what that has to do with this particular post

You replied to my post which was specifically talking about the Halo 3 version. The post is talking about the Needler and referencing older iterations.

It’s next to useless but I legit love the H3 Needler.

Needler is fine in Halo Infinite. Was hilariously bad in older games which made killing with it very funny. Although against inexperienced players in Halo 3 I’ve had my fair share of Overkill’s with it. Can’t say the same for Infinite.

I agree. I used to really like the weapon, but now when I use it, my opponent is covered in needles and keeps coming at me and I will die.

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Ricochet and glowing needles would make the Needler more fun to play with.

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The Infinite Needler feels like a trading weapon. You never actually kill someone without your life too if you don’t catch them off guard. Its tracing needs to be near-perfect to kill someone and travel slow as hell. My favorite is the Halo 4 and Halo 5, they were so reliable early Warzone matches.

Oh well the way your previous comment came across was the infinite needler is useless and you preferred the halo 3 one.

My mistake then :slight_smile:

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This has aged like milk if that milk was already crusty and left out for 3 months.

The Needler in an open space is flat out unbeatable. There’s scenarios where you might be able to kill the other person that has a Needler but you’ll die too.

In my however many months playing Infinite (since launch in November) I’ve never once beaten it, to a point where I try and main it because it just cannot be beaten in a open space. It absolutely shreds in all situations.

I agree that in sound- and visual effects it’s less rewarding and impressive to use then in H5. However the thing I dislike the most is that it also kills without the super combine, which makes it more like an SMG with some bonus sparkles.

What made the needled unique for me were its tracking capabilities and that they only did (meaningful) damage through the super combine blast. Now it feels more like just a covenant SMG with a nasty fast reload.

Still talking about the Halo 3 Needler, fella.

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I have a lot of fondness for the previous Needlers, particularly H5 and it’s variants. However, Infinite’s needler is pretty good, and seems a bit improved with the last update. I’d like it to offer variants and have stronger tracking. Also, the needles need to be brighter in color so you can see them tracking, particularly when it gets sweaty in battle.

In a Halo Infinite forum?

Yeah, I mean the post talks about the Reach Needler so I mentioned about the H3 Needler because that’s my favourite iteration of the Needler. No Biggie.

People talk about the old games all the time. Guy even says favourite weapon in Halo (not specifically Infinite).