the necessity of a warzone & btb map overlap

Anyone else get the impression that once BTB gets added that the BTB maps slide into Warzone or maybe it’s more like the BTB maps are really needed in Warzone since it’s only got three maps.

Warzone cant support forge and forge xant support ai.

All I was trying to get out there is that maps for Warzone and maps for BTB could and should overlap. Obviously the Warzone versions would be tailored to Warzone and the BTB maps would be edited for BTB. Another way to put it is that if Warzone only has 3 maps so it’s going to be abandoned just due to player fatigue and honestly people are in need of more maps for Warzone already.

Its possible that forge in the future could handle AI spawns. Not AI actually spawned in, but placement of spawns. A stretch, but still. I’d bet against it but nothing is stopping 343i from taking good BTB maps and internally prepping them for Warzone.

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> Warzone cant support forge and forge xant support ai.

gonna need some sauce for that one

Forge is a whole other can of worms. Right now Warzone needs new maps and BTB, since both can use the same maps in theory.