The Name Game #1!

Inspired by Grim Brother One’s Finding Your Waypoint(, and SilverMarenWolf’s search for ]A Good UNSC ship (, I have created another little game for you to spend your time on here in the forums. It’s named after a webcomic by Elisa Scaldaferri.

On to the concept of this little game: A lot of things in Halo Universe, has a very unique way of being named, such as UNSC Ships, Grunts, Elites, Engineers, etc. They all have unique name structures, or nature of their names. In this little game, I’ll provide you with a Halo related character or class, species, etc, such as an Elite, which for a suitable name would be Rtas 'Vadamee(prior to the Covenant Schism).

Easy enough, right? Let’s get cracking!

The first topic is Engineers, or Huragok. They are usually named as an observation of their bouyancy, or capabilities of lift, or similarly related to movement based on their gass-filled bladders, such as Lighter Than Some, Heavier Than Most, Easy to Adjust, etc.

There are no limits on the number of names you can post, so be creative!

Ready, set, Go!

“Shame to Family”

“More than is needed”

“Thicker than Most”

I can see how this would really test your Halo knowledge, once we get into the elites and other species.

Yeah, I sort of had that in mind :wink: It’s a fun game, and a great way to test your creativity as well as freshen up on your knowledge of Halo!

Higher than most
Below the rest
Greater then some

“Obstructing of Passages”
“Fearful of Smokers”
“Driven by Density”
“Seen Looking Longingly at Balloons”
“Zepplin Affinity”


“Seen Looking Longingly at Balloons”? o.0 Made me lol, nice!