The mystery of the ring. Halo infinite!

In Halo infinite the trailer ended with what looks to be the ring now you must know. Few rings have been destroyed by Chief and in lore some are in the the sacred place so called, the assembly line. Now in halo4 chief stumbles upon a ring new a U.E.G space base containing the composer. Now ask yourself. If this ring a new ring that was just finished. Or was it the ring chief HAD stubbled upon?Now I’m gonna list all the installations.

i00-THE ARK, active

i01-BETA SITE, unknown

i02-EPSILON SITE, unknown

I03-GAMMA SITE, unknown

i04 (origins of 343 guilty spark), DESTROYED


i06-KAPPA SITE, unknown


i08-ALPHA REPLACEMENT, destroyed


now the ark and zeta are deemed active. ZETA being established by the U.E.G. As a scientific outpost. Oh wait RING ANY BELLS TO HALO 4 HUH? HUH! Possible the ring chief so happened to stubble upon! WEW!

but DELTA being quarantined because of a flood outbreak in the lore past.

that’ll be all. Comment what you might think and have a nice day!

The ring that appears in Halo 4 is Gamma Halo. As Zeta Halo is mentioned in the Discover Hope trailer, there is speculation as to that being the ring featured in the next Halo game.

The ring in both trailers released so far is Zeta Halo. In the first trailer, there’s a morse code message that is an SOS from Zeta Halo. In the second trailer, Zeta Halo is mentioned on a screen in the pelican cockpit. Unless something drastic changes, Infinite appears to be taking place at least in some part on Zeta Halo.

It’s all but confirmed that the ring in infinite is zeta. Most evidence backs that assumption.

the ring you’re talking about was gamma halo. And I believe that’s where Chief fought the didact after halo 4 and before halo 5 because gamma halo had a portal that lead to the composers abyss. Then the monitor of the installation ejected a part of the ring with the didact on it (presumably killing the didact)

after events unfolded. The monitor took the ring to an unknown location for repairs and safe keeping. So that is why the ring here is deemed inactive.

zeta halo on the other hand is fair game. Also if you look at the halo 5 ending cutscene of the ring it isn’t the same planet and space as gamma halo if you want in game answers.