The multiplayer is garbage...

This is what happens when you only have SOCIAL playlists, I’m already bored after 2 weeks because their are absolutely no competitive/exciting matches. Their has to be an incentive for winning and consequences to losing, this creates better teamplay, communication, and just an overall better match experience for everyone. The “join in progress” system is clearly broken, please get rid of it. The entire game just feels like its been dumbed down, the randomized elements of gameplay alongside faster kill times completely destroys the skill gap.

you must throw away brand new stuff cause this game is awesome

There’s going to be a ranking system in early 2013. So…

Yeah it’s a work in progress.
And bear with 343i, this is they’re first shot at a Halo game, and they have done a bloody awesome job at that.

please read. i like to hear your opinion. also the ranking system is only on waypoint

Yup, the game is a complete mess designed for noobs. Anybody can win.

It’s funny because people complained about reach being noobfriendly because of the slow killtimes

“there”. you mean to use “there.”

OT; i disagree. i think the game is plenty fun.