the multiplayer (ideas)

will halo 5 (halo xbox one) feature the best multiplayer in halo history ?

is 343 improving halo multiplayer ?

what we can expect ?

as we saw in the past, halo 4 wasn’t the best multiplayer in the world. it was full of limits. the spartans were cartoonized. the maps were also small. we could only use banshee as the only flyable vehicle in the game. the ordnance drop was too unbalanced. the game was also a lack of fun !!

here’s a cool idea for halo 5 (halo xbox one) multiplayer:

a new gamemode wich ads 32 players on the game. that’s right, a 16 v 16 gamemode on huge maps, with alot of vehicles,alot of types of air vehicles, maybe the mammoth or the elephant too, alot of weapons, balanced for both sides, huge maps were you can have alot of interactivity. like we saw in BF 4, big maps with interactivity, and a great variety of vehicles in it. in case of halo, you could open/close doors, shields, activate/deactivate traps, bridges these kind of stuff, but also you could change some parts of the maps, like in halo 3 the map called “last resort” where you could destroy the bridge support to reach the middle of the giant spinning wheel. like the map called “high ground” where you could open the big gate to have some advantage against the enemy.

what do you guys think about it ??
(and sorry for my bad english)