The much needed updates...

So i’ve played the Halo series since the beginning and played multiplayer since halo 3. I played Halo 2 a bit online but not as much. Since losing the best bits of Halo 2/3 to Reach and its shoddy efforts i was hoping for a revival. Now it seems halo 4 is a strong candidate, it just needs some patches/updates in my
opinion. These are the updates i think need to be made:

  1. First and most important is the rate people quit games and don’t care, apply time penalties until you can join another game. Its so boring sat there playing 2 vs 5 in CTF…

  2. Next on my list would be the over powered secondary shotgun/pistol. Why give people a shotgun from spawn…seriously, at least make it like the maller and make it a 1 shot punch weapon.

  3. The spawns are horrendous at times in this game and i often find myself in the middle of a grenade on spawn.

  4. The thruster pack does hardly anything at all. Waste of ability (Even though i hate abilities and think they shouldnt be in the game)

  5. Lower the damage and radius of the incineration gun as it takes a blind person to miss kills with that. It fires a cluster bomb that kills anyone it touches…really!

  6. There are a few glitched spots that im sure will be fixed soon (e.g complex).

  7. Enhanced Vision ability needs to be reduced to a closer range not the whole map pretty much.

It’s a VERY strong start for 343 on a game i wasnt expecting much from but i hope they keep up the good work and sort out the little patches and this game has potential to erase the aweful memory of reach.

If you don’t know the name of the Boltshot or Promethean vision have you really played enough to judge?

I call it Enhanced vision because its a complete copy from Shadowrun’s game and thats what its called on shadowrun, and the everyone knows what im talking about with the boltshot. Stop being a picky person

Well if they do it doesn’t look like they bothered to read your giant wall of text and general adjectives.

He’s not being a “picky person” If you want people to take you seriously, refer to your complaints by name. I don’t think any of those adjustments need to be made. I think the game is pretty balanced the way it is. I rarely get killed by the incineration cannon.

  1. Agreed.

  2. I disagree. I don’t think it’s that good. I just outrange people who use it.

  3. Every Halo game has had bad spawns (especially 3). By now you should be used to it.

  4. Thruster Pack is great for Flood so it’s not entirely useless. If you want it buffed, just think of the horrors it would bring to Flood.

  5. Incinerator Cannon is a power weapon for a reason. It’s blast radius is why there’s only 1 shot per reload.

  6. Will more than likely be fixed.

  7. It doesn’t last that long so I don’t mind it when people can see the whole map.

Just my opinion though.

a brief timeline:
OMG Halo 4 is coming!
OMG it looks amazing!
"343 get your -Yoink- together this game -Yoinking!- blows and as a halo veteran I know what I’m talking about. "

promethean vision is the only thing I agree with you about.

I agree with a few points. I think the bolt shot should take your shields down, not insta-kill you. I think the incineration cannon should spawn with only one or two shots, not 4 (seriously that weapon is stupid in slayer right now).

Incineration cannon is the most overpowered weapon in the game. It has a huge blast radius and the projectiles fire at quick enough pace for it to be hard to avoid.

I often pick this up on Solace and get 4-5 kills from it every time while feeling sorry for the other team, though if I didn’t use it I would be getting frustrated because I would be getting killed by it, it is near impossible to avoid when used correctly.

I think it should be taken out of the game, there are plenty of weapons as it is.

I think compared to other “power weapon” drops like the sword and the needler (lol seriously) it outranks them by far. In my opinion the incineration gun beats every other power weapon by a clear mile.

And im not saying im a veteran im just saying what i enjoy…and everything about halo reach was aweful for me, whereas halo 3 was the best. Im simplistic though and prefer it when theres only the br and no armour abilities :confused: