The most unfair game

For example start a game already started or worse still have fewer members than the other team , how are you things I consider a bit unfair but also I like to be on them to see if I can win despite the circumstances

If it is Warzone I am not overly worried about it. The game fills up quickly and you may just land some bad -Yoink- players that can turn it all around.

my worst game was once started half of the game we were losing over 400 points in the war zone and to top it off we were missing three team members TnT

My worse game was a game of warzone and my entire team quit except for me and 3 other players… Was on the map raid on apex 7 and needless to say we were unable to keep the spire or our armory… the enemy took took all bases then proceeded to kill us as we tried to leave the core area. They even stopped going after the bosses and just spawn killed until they won.

The JIP in this game needs work. I’ve had many games in WZ where my team was either getting stomped in points and spawn killed or the game ended in 30 seconds after I joined due to my team not capturing the first base.

That’s not including BTB games where I’ll join the losing team and it’s 30-115 in strongholds or my team will be down 2 flag caps and the enemy team is already running a third cap to end the game shortly thereafter. The flag issue happened twice recently.

Most of the time I just quit the build if I’m going into a JIP game since 98% of the time I’m just going to be on a losing team and the amount of times my team actually came back to win is a rarity.