The most humble bulliten

I love Halo 4. It’s a blast to play. However there have been so many train wrecks, the specilizations, the DLC, the “headless” modders, never mind sandbox balance issues etc…

All that being said, and it has been said, many time overs, this weeks update reminded me of a lot of things. Frankie’s part was especially great. Frankie worked at Bungie, listen to the old podcasts (Bungie’s) His thoughts on maps and gameplay fall in line with my own. This bulliten did something we have never seen before with Bungie. There is an acknowlengment of all the feedback over the last 30 days. This bulliten has a sense of humbleness we never saw post game release from a Bungie update. This post is in no way bashing Bungie, trust me, I’m waiting for Destiny too, however 343 and Halo 4 deserve our dedication, they are fans like us. This bulliten is exactly what I was hoping for.

Kinda reminds you that the people working at 343 are just that: people. They make mistakes.

Here’s to hoping they fix what is needed and continue the communication

Exactly. Personally I’m a bit surprised at some of the things that I personally dislike like about Halo 4, but I’m still going to play it, almost every day. I guess I’m not upset, just dissipointed in some stuff. But that won’t keep me out of matchmaking