The most basic customer support and satisfaction should be provided to the community

We should be able to refund store content with limitations like fortnite. this game needs such a system far more then a game like that because fortnite you can view full cosmetics unlike halo infinite.

because with halo infinite we cant see how our outfits will look overall in a preview with the full layout we want. we can only check how individual pieces can look in a zoomed in fashion with lacking parts of the full set.

so at first we might think oh this will be the perfect thing for my armor set then see that it looks garbage on the armor and isnt worth wearing. in turn we we regret our purchase.

We should be given the ability to refund store content and get points back for the purchases.

and we should be provided more then 3 refund tokens in a given year due to the lack of being to fully see the layout prehand with customization we should have 5-6 at least

or another idea in place of this would be make it so we can use all cosmetics. then once you leave customizations and go to the menu it resets to default/ or what you previously had on. if store cosmetics you havent purchased are still on your character when you exit.

in addition if this does get implemented we should be given free refund tokens for past purchased cosmetics prior to such an update. that are separate from the future limited refund tokens