The most annoying thing in this game

I don’t remember if this was like that in previous Halo, but the most annoying thing in this game is getting zoomed out of scope because you get hit by a tiny bullet sprayer from across the map. What is the point of having long range and mid-range weapons if you can use them for what they were made for? Try to snipe a player? Nop, he’ll just spray his bullet from way far and cancel you. Why not just making your aim moves around when you get shot instead of cancelling the whole damn operation? I started getting better at no scope because I stopped using them, they are useless, even got a clip of a Lone Wolf Medal using the skewer with no scopes. There is actually another annoying thing; the fact that your side pistol shoot faster then the assault riffault. Can anyone explain to me? Weren’t those guns invented to be faster then a pistol?

The zoom-out thing was a feature in the original Halo CE. Zooming made shots more accurate in that game, so it was a way to balance combat at longer ranges and also attributed to skill as better players would zoom back in at most ranges for accuracy. The only problem with it is for example when the Sniper is not easy to use/consistent (like in Infinite), cause then you get knocked out of zoom on top of having to concentrate longer on aiming - so it discourages Sniper use.

I do like your idea to add different effects while aiming rather than zoom-out. I’m not for nor against it.

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Please no. They tried flinch in Halo and it was garbage.

Really there should be no weapon glint when zoomed in. Zoom in with Sniper and you become a glowing target to get shot and taken out of scope which is stupid. Glint discourages using the gun scoped in as intended more than any other mechanic.


Yes, that is why we get sprayed and removed from zoom… cause everybody knows the moment we aim with a sniper. Either add flinch or remove glint. Back in the days, you were safe with a sniper until you shot the first bullet and everyone could see the white tray it left behind the bullet, then you had to move somewhere else or risk retaliation from another sniper. It was fun and exciting.

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Going off your title, 343.

Idk why but it’s getting really annoying where my shots come out half a second after I pull the trigger. I can’t have a decent experience with any Sniper in this game due to this.

The most annoying thing IMHO in this game is that we don’t have a Custom Game Browser!! :rage: