The more I read the updates...

And what Frankie has to say about them, the better I’m feeling about Halo 4. I was originally among the crowd that had my hand to my mouth in utter surprise at what they’d dare impliment after all of Reach’s struggles. Yet the more I’ve let it stew, the more I’ve seen from 343i’s team members when they /vaguely/ touch on what has been said, the better I’ve started to feel.

I’ll give you the blatant truth: I started playing CE in the half year following up to Halo 2’s release. I didn’t get Halo 2 until at least a year after release, as I always played at a friend’s back then. I wasn’t a very ardent gamer until Halo 3 (which, don’t use my current account as reference- I had to make a new one post-Halo 3), but here I am.

Just because they’re implimenting similar components doesn’t mean 343i is following Reach’s footsteps. They may very well have perfected or near-perfected the tools and made it something that can fit within the “Halo” feel. We will just have to wait and /see/.

Just because they’re using similar ideas as the CoD series doesn’t mean it’s taking the “CoD route”, either. Remember- CoD has borrowed a /lot/ from other games and tweaked them into something that truly attracted a larger crowd. Halo has been its own for the longest time, and even now it will continue to revolutionize FPS gameplay by modifying and improving upon newer FPS mechanics and features seen in other games and making them fit within Halo properly. CoD is not an original in many ways- Halo is.

I love Halo as a series. I will agree that Reach was probably the ‘awkward cousin’ of the Halo series, and that I wasn’t too comfortable with everything I had heard pre-release and seen. Yet I’ve come to accept Halo 4 might be better, more efficient. I’m still waiting before judging, but my confidence in the game has returned. Has yours?

I am just taking a wait and see approach. How fair is it to the 300 plus people who have worked on this game day in and day out to throw it under the bus after one magazine article. If the game releases and isn’t good, I won’t be afraid to say it then (respectfully) but until then I will continue not to judge.

Frankie has calmed me a bit, but I’m still very skeptical. It still stinks of Call of Duty. I’ll give it a shot, and I’m still going to buy it, but I’m not going to expect much.

I have calmed down, but the ideas still sound like sh*t. We need a gameplay asap.

I freaked out originally about Reach, then thought it wouldn’t be too bad, and then it ended up being terrible, so excuse me for being much more pessimistic this time around. I would rather be happily surprised than utterly disappointed.

The fact that they even considered all of this sickens me. Even more due to the fact that they are copying COD. But I will wait and see if they change anything (even though I know they won’t).

All of this debacle is actually making me more excited for Halo 4, in a way. I don’t agree with everything that 343 is doing (Forerunner Vision and instant respawns, mostly), but I really want to see how they’re implementing this into Halo.

Luckily it sounds like insta-spawns won’t be available in objective gametypes. I hear someone confirmed that.

@The CoD cloning ordeal: I repeat, CoD is hardly original itself. CoD did, however, take certain existing gaming aspects and tweak them to a more appealing level. I expect Halo to take certain features that might be inspired from other games and take them a different direction altogether. Of course, it’s still wait and see and I’m not afraid to judge the game if it turns out bad as well.