the moon landings influence on halo

this is not going to be long but i wanted to talk about and this is one of the only things that get me angry at people for saying its fake. the moon landings were real and if you believe over wise then there is no space for you in halo because if it weren’t for that time and that event halo wouldn’t exist not in the way it does now the space race affected everything pretty much and i feel like it’s huge disrespect that this gen is giving towards the gen that went to sace who died to prove that united we could reach unbelievable achievements also side note we wouldn’t have cell phones if it weren’t for those that went to space and if you are from russia you guys deserve respect as well because you were the ones that made the U.S say hey there ahead of us so you need credit as well i don’t conspiracy theorists coming and saying it was faked because it wasn’t why would they send people on a mission that could kill them and did indeed end the lives of civilians and military personal the answer is they wouldn’t but hi am here trying to celebrate history right now by connecting it with my fav game so how it influence halo was by the idea of being able to explore over planets because it was thought of before the moon landings but before then it was not really thought possible but in 1969 we made it my dad lied during that time and brought up that the way we were going to celebrate was by launching the model rocket he has had for ages so that’s how i started thinking about making this post but i want to know are you celebrating the 50th moon landing and if you are in what why this is definetly something i want to hear. ps. if my dad were writing this it would take a long time to finish so yeah thats it hope you enjoyed the reading.

While I’m appreciative of the history, this really doesn’t have enough to do with halo to be a thread.