The Month of Mythic is what's wrong with Halo 5

What we still don’t have since launch
-working theatre
-classic gametypes
-bug fixes that don’t involve title updates
But you know what has been constant and been very plentiful. The req system. Where 343/MS has been supplying us woth the likes of
-Arena Req Bundles
-Warzone Req Bundles
-Vehicle Packs
-Memories of Reach Pack
-Halo 5 Beginners Pack
-And the one that opened people’s eyes The Month of Mythics pack.
Why are Microtransactions valued more than ingame content? What are we to most of the people at Microsoft; consumers and not a community. And I’ve had enough of being treated that way. Haven’t you? This seems like a process of milking your fans and your game instead of supporting them. To the Microtransactions department of 343, take this backlash as a sign. Stop trying to make Halo 5 pay for advantages. Look at the hard work the forge team, the AI design team, the server team, and the lore team ( Bravo for the Giant grunt mech btw) have done to make this game special. If reqs appear like this in Halo 6, then you bet your -Yoink- Warzone will be a dead playlist at Halo 6’s launch.