The premiere hosting site for game mods,, is hosting their annual Mod of the Year contest this month. Right now the first round is on-going, where users vote for their top mods resulting in a list of the Top 100 mods, which in round 2 will be whittled down to just 10 or so. Several Halo mods are competing for these spots and I would encourage you to swing by and give them a vote to help show how much the Halo community supports the hard work going into these mods. I’ll list below the mods I know of off the top of my head, including a link to their main profile where you can vote for them (having an account to vote isn’t necessary, though having an account in the second round later this month will make your vote count more). In round 1 you can vote for as many mods as you like. To vote just follow the link to the mod and scroll down until you see the “Vote for this mod” button and click it.

Sins of the Prophets (
Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris ( )
A total conversion for the 4X game Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, featuring UNSC vs Covenant gameplay over large star systems with Forerunner planets and automatons mixed in.
Gameplay Vid: Sins of the Prophets playtester match - YouTube
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Stellaris media:
Gameplay vid: Sins of the Prophets Stellaris Mod Lets Play Part 1 - YouTube
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Homefront (
A total conversion for the wildly acclaimed RTS Homeworld 2 featuring UNSC and Covenant gameplay.
Gameplay Vid: FALL OF REACH - Homefront Mod Gameplay - YouTube
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Covenant at War (
A mod for the old but dearly loved Star Wars: Empire at War featuring more than 50 well-known units from the Halo-Universe. Space battles are nearly done and the ground battle is a work in progress.
Gameplay Vid: Covenant at War - UNSC - Halo Mod for Star Wars Empire at War - YouTube
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Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved (
A spiritual successor to the cancelled Halogen mod, Evolutions is a mod for the RTS Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. It will feature UNSC and Covenant ground and atmospheric units with a complete custom campaign.
Gameplay Vid: Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved Trailer - YouTube
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Most of these mods are competing in the unreleased category, which is essentially a popularity contest, meaning they need the Halo community to show their support and give them a leg up on the competition. Modding is a hobby that takes an extensive amount of work where the only reward is the finished product and the appreciation of the fans. If you appreciate anything that you’ve seen above please take a moment and vote for them, and be prepared to vote for them again in the second around of voting later this month. If you know of another Halo mod please link to it below and we’ll try to get them the support they deserve as well. Thank you for your time.