The missing launch maps?

Hello everybody! So I was looking at the Halo 5 launch playlists, and I couldn’t help but notice that there were far fewer than 21 maps listed. The existence of 21 maps has been confirmed in a “by the numbers” poster from 343i, which can be easily found on the internet if anyone wants to reference it as well. I was wondering if anyone happens to have any further detail on these absent maps. My two best guesses are they are either currently unannounced and to be listed or added closer to/at launch, or the post-launch BTB maps are being grouped into the launch list. I have posted something similar as a response in a thread where JoshingtonState is active, so I’ll update this thread with any official news I may get. Thanks all!

The Rig
6 Breakout Maps
6 Warzone Maps

EDIT: I got something wrong, I forgot Plaza, and there are only 5 Breakout maps.

Ah, so forge maps are being counted in that tally after all? Without forge maps, that would take six maps from that list, which is what I assumed was the case. Thanks for clarifying, I think a lot of people are in the dark about this as well