The misfit glitches/bugs

After looking over at nakas great balance thread, i thought that hey if theres a list for the great ideas for bug/ balance fixes there needs to be a list for the bugs that dont overall affect any balance in the game or are not as important and will probably never get fixed. So here’ s a few lesser bugs , I know I don’t know all of them so add any tiny bugs to the list.
1 neural implant upgrade is still listed as a ability upgrade when the buff got nerfed out some time ago

2 hero icon bug to arbiter, goblins ,Commander Jerome,Augest and leon having the incorrect icons ( no need to say anything cause I’ve annoyed you all with this one enough)

3 the tips menu before a game still states that jackrabbits are non combatant scouts that need the mini frag launcher upgade to fight, upgrade was made unnecessary for balance reasons.

4 Johnson’s occasionally says voice lines when your playing kinsano

5 may or not be a bug but why do most other leaders have a good couple victory speeches, but shipmaster is always “a victory is a victory”

6 shrouds appear to have difficulty stopping projectiles that they should be stopping.(maybe increasing its defensive ability aoe would fix this ). 7 skitterers heath buff to blisterbacks occasionally becomes unable to heal (base unit health unaffected )

its sad that this game couldn’t get a larger support team , i know that future projects are more important but like 5 months more of a total team would’ve been nice