The Milk nameplate

Did anyone else not get the Twitch drop recently which gave you the Get Milked nameplate? I claimed the drop but for some reason it’s still locked.

I’ve managed to claim all other Twitch drops before without issue but this drop didn’t work. I read that a couple people also didn’t get it.

Can anyone else here confirm they didn’t unlock it either? I’m curious to know if it’s wide spread or not.


I had three drops in my drop pool when I did it. Got Milk, Warthog Coat and Front Bumper Accessory…

None of them appeared in my inventory after I redeemed them so far.


Yeah I’m the same. I’ve just checked my Twitch drop inventory and it’s there, just locked in game for some reason.

The warthog items were part of a previous drop as well so funnily enough I already have them. Perhaps because I have the warthog stuff already it wouldn’t unlock the nameplate?

Who knows. I’d submit a ticket but I don’t know if that would achieve anything.


i have the same problem, i got and claimed the milk nameplate and emblem, warthog midnight coating and bumper and got them claimed in my inventory at twitch but are locked here on halo, and it has been for 6 days now, still waiting

someone said we have to wait for something such as a hotfix or a random update and there will come an update next week , hopefully tuesday, maybe in that update it will get fixed

7days and counting…no emblem

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maybe there is a problem with the delivery of the milk from the farm where it comes, or the milk is not in the mood to be delivered at the moment and has not the face as we saw on the picture but a sad face now, or the cookies on the nameplate are out of order

I raised a ticket. I don’t know if anything will happen but at least I did my bit.


Oh another thread about this…
My last Twitch reward took 9 days to show on waypoint and my gaming chair isn’t any better because of it… To think people would freak out so much about this that it would generate one thread per day about it…

Relax, use the search button and you’ll realise that bothering support about it is pointless.