The Midnight Crew, homestuck fans check us out

yo yo yo wazzup. Im fez. So, if youre a homestuck fan then you might be interested in my company. I created the company called the midnight crew!!! so if you join then you legit are a member of the midnight crew. I know that its doubtful we will ever get achilles, but still. I mean when people are looking at your profile, do you want them to see that you’re part of like a company like wene3dachill3s or something? or do you want to be part of the midnight crew. Also, I’m super chill and I play with this one other super chill guy so you would have a lot of fun. if you’re interested then come check us out! no real requirements. plus, if you’re the first 3 to join then you can pick to be one of the four midnight crew members. I already called spades slick but the other 3 are up for grabs.