The method to swap grenades and equipement in the campaign is garbage

Pressing a button, the pressing another button to switch the grenade or equipement is just so confusing to me. I always accidently switch to a grenade or equipment, when I want to switch equipment or grenade.

Personally, I think a better method would just to press the button, then it would just cycle through grenades or equipment. Like DMC5’s weapon switching. Sure, that system is a little clunky. But it’s a lot less clumsy than the current system


Agreed, even if it’s added as an option.

It makes no sense for it to be the classic version in MP but then that way in the Campaign. I can see how intuitive they tried to make it but it’s difficult to adjust.

I just think of them as button combos.

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Just have a ui system like Halo 3 and previous games where there’s a stack of grenades but include equipment and you flick through each one one at a time, also like previous games. I find it easier to see and remember that than remember the button combo. So 2 columns, 4 rows, with one being highlighted that’s selected. Oh and move them to their own corner like before, don’t stick everything in one spot, it gets too cluttered.

Something even more annoying is that you can’t customize these bindings. I could work with this system if I could at least set it up on a slightly more intuitive way. But if I set > to be my plasma grenades within the grenade menu, it still overrides the > which opens the equipment menu. Very frustrating system which has gotten me killed a bunch of times.

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The entire button mapping option, causes many problems. The defaults can double bind a button, but we can’t.

I like it. Very intuitive. Each grenade is assigned a two-button combo. It’s quite simple, honestly. I’d use this system in multiplayer if it were an option.

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It’s strange since with mouse and keyboard, switching grenades just requires one button press cycling through all of them. And I prefer that way more. I do hope a “switch to next grenade” and a “switch to next equipment” is added later for controllers

It needs to be a radial wheel that shows up in the middle of your screen like how every other game solves this problem.

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