The meta is an Easter egg himself?

Most people here have seen red vs blue, yes? We know that his agent name is Maine, named after the state and how he is a hulking brute… Or giant. Now to what the reference is. The Iron GIANT crash lands at… Maine. In one episode of rvb, the team goes to a military base and the meta… Comes from the sky, crashes there and destroys most of their resistance. The iron giant also crashes and destroys their forces there.

See what I mean? The meta is also controlled by a little guy known as sigma who manipulates the meta. The iron giant befriends a young boy who controls some of the giant’s actions. The similarities are just so… Similar to each other. Almost as if the meta is a giant reference to the film/character, the iron giant.

What do you guys think? Plausible? Silly? Or outright stupid?