The Message of the day

Hey everyone, so back in January I forged a map called Halo Wars Firebase, and 343i are currently using it as a thumbnail for community content on Halo Waypoints homepage if you give it a look.

But I reason I made this was because I looked on Halo today and my map and name actually made it into the Message of the Day in game, to most people this may not be very important and happens all the time but being a long time Halo fan since the start of it all, It’s just very cool to see your name as part of it after 15 years.

Want to thank whoever at 343i took any notice of my map to let it become a thumbnail for the site, yet alone to put it in the game itself!

Congrats, man!

I’m jelly man! Congrats on creating that epic masterpiece

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> Congrats, man!

thanks ;D

Make sure you take a screenshot! You’ll hate yourself if you forget lol

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> Make sure you take a screenshot! You’ll hate yourself if you forget lol

I took a picture and recorded it with DVR to make into a video haha, forever have the evidence

Congrats man! That’s crazy cool! Nice job. :slight_smile:

I understand your feeling OP, it happened to me months ago. :smiley:

I explored the map a bit and loved it, it honestly brought back memories of Halo Wars and now I’m looking forward to the new one. Congrats.

Good on ya!!

You deserve a cookie

Awesome bruv!

Rock on mate! Im playing that tonight in honor of it.

Congratulations man!! If you are making content for others you need to be recognized.

thanks a lot, I made a quick video about it

I would be amped if a map I made was featured in some way by 343.

Nice work on that firebase!

Good work!

I know how you feel! Its amazing. Back when waypoint showcased fan art, they placed my work there, w my gamertag below it. I felt dreamy :3

You deserve the honor!
The Firebase looks so accurate and impressive, you really did an excellent job on building it.

So, whats next? The Covenant base? Cheers mate, keep it up! :wink: