The Merciless Paragons

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The Merciless Paragons “TMSP” - Become Legend

We are a clan who started out in reach and plan to expand in halo 5. as we started in reach we have our own clanwebsite which is still under construction. We have a unique ranking system like no other. you can earn ranks by playing well,being active or helping out in forge. for leader ranks ask P3ARLJAMM3R for more info.

We’re a community of gamers that enjoy playing games together. This is our Spartan Company.
We host game nights on Xbox. Here is where we will organise Halo MCC and Halo 5 Game Nights and Let’s Plays for Xbox.
If you want to play with a group of guys and girls from all different backgrounds, join up friend! We enjoy competitive gaming but at the end of the day we play for fun.

Friendly Community
<em>-Make friends to play halo 5 on launch!</em>
<em>-Make teams, Warzone teams, arena!?</em>
<em>-We will be commited to Online and Custom games!</em>
<em>-Members are encouraged to use forums for any discussions.</em>
<em><strong>See you on the battlefield!</strong></em>

Don’t worry if we don’t respond to your application immediately__Become Legend

This section of the forums is for introductions only.

Agreed. Please only post in the appropriate forums.

Why is it so hard to read forum rules?

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