The Memories of Reach Pack, a stupid move?

Okay, as you should know, the memories of reach pack is out, this is where you’re guaranteed to get one set of one of the noble teams armour, a mythic weapon plus 12 ultra rare and legendary single use cards. Now, the whole point of “mythic” armours is that it is supposed to be the hardest armour to get and you’re supposed to work your way up to it, but with this pack they might aswell make the armour uncommon or rare, this is because everyone can get this armour now and to everyone who put more time into the game then these other people (me as an example) now don’t see the point in that effort if they are just going to be giving this armour away for 120k REQ Points or £11.99, you might say but 120k REQ Points is alot, yes it is, but with warzone turbo and infection its easier than ever to get these points for the pack due to how much you get for a short amount of time, tell me what you think and if you think its stupid. Thankyou for your time.

Personally. I won’t pay a dime if it should be “free content” we wait a month with huge reveals and people post and hype it up and it’s never what everyone wants. I’m still waiting for double I hardly enjoy the game and owned it day one, with new games coming out think it was a very bad idea to try and charge… Thought updates were free yet there’s always a catch. Always. And I also have family and life I’d love a game that lets me play Freely and doesn’t take all my cash seems other FPS games this year are catching on that more customers stay if you don’t bug them to death with having in game purchases. It’s a bummer H2 just go play and everyone had a mic. Now it seems since these forums and companies no one cares to even talk even slated and arena, it’s rare to find people who don’t play this socially . We are diamond playing a champion in a party with folks on our team going off and team killing. If anything I think every update has made me cringe but eh I’ll stick to arena until BF comes out maybe even doom today. Love halo but for what my family pays alone it’s not worth it anymore.