The medic achievement

How do you get the medic achievement

Nobody can get it yet as it’s a game mode that’s coming, but don’t know when yet.


Gotta wait til the elimination gametype is available. Sort of like how we had to wait for SWAT and Fiesta.

I like how Halo somehow is always given a pass when they break the rules for achievements.

What do you mean by that?

Generally, a game is only allowed to launch with 1000 gamer score worth of achievements, all achievements must be attainable at launch, and the only achievements that can be locked behind a pay wall of any sort are for a paid expansions.

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These points exactly. However there aren’t any achievements locked behind a paywall for Infinite, unless you mean campaign?

Not saying the broke all the rules, but infinite isn’t the only offender. MCC broke rules, pretty sure HW2 did as well.

Yup MCC had unobtainable achievements from the start. HW2 I’m pretty sure they didn’t break any of those rules, I don’t remember having any issues with that game. Could be wrong tho

IIRC HW2 had achievements at launch for one of the preorder exclusive leaders that couldn’t be obtained by other means until added to the store at a later date.

Which one was that? Was the leader Forge?

Also Batman AK had achievements exclusive to pre orders and the ultimate edition. Sucks tho for people who miss out on these things they have to wait who knows how long just to complete

Didn’t they drop the whole 1000 gamerscore at launch thing a while ago? I’m talking like at the start of the XOne. I think the only criteria now is you can’t have to purchase anything for a launch achievement, and since Forge in HW2 is free, that didn’t break the rules. I still remember when Rainbow 6 Vegas broke this rule though with the camera.

No I think 1000 is the standard developers have to follow at launch. certain games which had 200 - 400 gamer score limits was removed when the XbOne came out.

Mass Effect Legendary didn’t do 1000. I know it’s technically 3 games but still, it’s under one achievement title. I’m sure there’s others too. I could still be worng and maybe they ahve to pay a premium or give a decent reason why.

That’s also an exception. Multiple games in 1 overall title can carry 1000gs each. KH 1.5+2.5 has 4000 gs (4 games). The rules are so broken idek anymore. Rare replay had 4000 gs for like 30 games

Hmm… Maybe Halo Infinite got away with it having multiplayer release early so technically 2 seperate games? I mean, originally the achievements had all the campaign ones under secret too before the campaign came out.

That’s so annoying bc on Xbox app it says 0.01 percent have got it so 343 employees have it

It is also because of people who hack the game to unlock achievements. TrueAchivements has had to deal with this as it throws off their trackers and what they do for their site with the TA score.

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