The matchmaking still unbalanced?

Ive been playing a lot at this game and always feel the same ¿Is this game equalizer to all the palyers? In my opinion is not matched sometimes happend to me the same thing drestroy or be destroyed.¿Is just me or someone else think the same?. (Im so sorry if my english is not understood).

This game is balanced. In Arena everyone has the same weapons and in Warzone all REQs are leveled.
I wouldn’t say that it was ever unbalanced.

I have noticed that since the last update I have had a lot more close games in Arena Matchmaking. Meaning there was only a 2-5 kill difference to win the game. Last season It seemed that the matches were more one sided.I would either get owned or be the one doing to owning.Either way as long as the progress is moving forward im happy.