The matching up levels

I don’t understand how I am a level 11 right now I haven’t played in awhile ,but I’ve been playing a lot lately and I don’t understand when I play ranked and my friend is a 1 and I’m a 11 and we get teamed up against A level 50,36,22,14,and a 20 and my teams levels are 1,10,1,10,13 it just doesn’t add up at all. I remember playing halo 2 way back when and it would rank you against people within 10 levels of you or right around your level so what I’m gettin at is I don’t understand how the levels are matching us up against this type of teams?

There isn’t a system that matches you with similarly skilled players in the MCC, because 343 thinks it’s fair to pair up level 1’s and 5’s against teams of 50’s.