The Masters Adapt recruiting page

The Masters Adapt, a fitting name for our company. Our style is success, our means any.
We are recruiting soldiers seeking to better their skill, to assist our victory, to make us a Legend. If you are the soldier that has something to offer, we admire the effort and it will be rewarded.
We are recruiting soldiers who enjoy a variety of game modes, ranging from the ridiculous to the intense, and appreciate the effort of self made Forge maps.
We do not discriminate against skill, as we are a company who trains to be the best, because talent only goes so far. If you are willing to train, we are willing to accept you.
TMA does not do clan battles, clan meetings, or other stereotypical clan activities. If you want to talk as a group, the company page has a private forum for just the occasion. We fight who we find, we do not find the enemy.
With that said, I intend to see you soon recruit, as we train daily and are ready for a new face in The Masters Adapt.
Good Hunting.
Shadow out.