The Master Bug Collection List for [Halo:CE]

Its no secret that the Master Chief Collection was released way to early. The amount of bugs/crashes/glitches…etc etc etc is the most I have ever seen in a video game at launch.

This post is not to bash but to help. I love halo 1 so this will be a post dedicated to fixing H1. If someone wants to start an h2-h4 then feel free.

I will list the current bugs below and describe them the best I can.

Master Bug List [Halo:CE] (1/4/2015)

1) Hit Detection
This is the number one frustration thing in all of H:CE. This bug simply does not register your shots when they hit an opponent. 343 took a HUGE step forward in this department with the 12/15/2014 patch but the following 12/22/2014 patch was a gaint step backwards to H:CE hit detection. I do not know what was done but reverting back to the 12/15 patch would do wonders for this bug.

2) Anti-Auto Aim Glitch
This bug will drag your reticle away from the player that your aiming at and make it incredibly hard to “pull” your aim back to the player. Its incredibly frustrating to be shooting at a player while the game is having a reticle-tug-a-war with you.

3) Melees

  • Not Registering. A large percentage of the time, the melees will not do damage to another player even though the sound effect comes through.- Being Assassinated from the front: Assassinations are supposed to be from the back, people are getting assassinated by enemy players that are standing in front of them.4) Getting a new Cloak after just having one bug
    This one happens frequently enough to be a problem. Having cloak while sitting on a new cloak usually results in getting the 2nd cloak but you do NOT turn invisible. SO you basically stand on top of a cloak while you have one and when your current one goes away, you will pick up the new one you are standing on. This will cause the new camo to be burnt and you will not be invisible.

5) Clipping and falling through walls
I have noticed this happen many times. One player will be standing/running/jumping/pushing next to another player and some sort of physics bug happens and one will fall through the map and die.

6) Cant pick up weapons of the floor
This bug happens enough times to bring it up. A rocket launcher,sniper rifle, shotgun etc…will be on the floor and it cannot be picked up even though the game is telling you to press “x/b” to pick it up.

7) Teleports and Teleporting

  • When a player tries to teleport they get stuck in a seizure animation while in the portal.- Teleporting will sometimes turn you at awkward angles coming through it. Sometimes you end up getting turned completely around and are staring at the portal you just went through.8) A player will dash/teleport forward after a spawn
    This bug will make a player dash forward at a ultra fast speed right after he spawns. Its almost like his body is trying to catch up to where the game thinks he is supposed to be.

9) People being able to move before others when the game starts
There have been times where I will hold forward before a game starts and when the GUI finally comes off the black screen, I am a good distance away from where my spawn was and i’m already shooting at people who haven’t completely loaded in yet. This is too unfair and can be frustrating if your on the receiving end of it.

10) Host Migration

  • Someone will leave the game and it ends for everyone. I understand this is because he has host but this is not good since the rest of the people have to suffer because someone quit and was able to end the game.- (Implementation) Add a way to see who is host in game- (Implementation) Add a ping GUI in the top corner of the screen so we can see actual numbers (not little green bars) of how laggy we are with the host/server.11) Game is not ending when whole other team quits.
    This becomes frustrating because you have to quit out and re-group with your party which can cause other numerous issues which I wont go into in this post.

<em>Updates to this post will happen frequently. Please post what you have found. Video links would be great and added to this original post.</em>

I like this post, and I agree with it completely, but 343 doesn’t care about anything other then H5. Why do you think the H5 beta is getting updates and MCC hasn’t gotten one in 2 weeks? Its sad man, H Ce defined console FPS, and 343 is just going to leave it broken, basically its a slap in Microsoft,Bungi and H1 fan’s faces. has all of these and more

Insidious has been great for the h1 community. His web page goes into some good detail but can be a little lengthy. This sums up important bugs in one small section. Please drill down the shot registration ( just revert to the 12/15 patch ) and anti auto aim because these are the most game breaking bugs atm for Halo CE.