The mangler was nerfed. 343 doesn't care about the community and casual players, only whiner pro players crybabies

The mangler in the halo sandbox serves from the beginning to be a short range meele weapon. I simply find it illogical that pro players cry like little children when they see that they are killed faster with a short range weapon. Pro players have to somehow adapt to the game, how is it possible that fortnite pro players are still good by removing the build mode, which was fundamental in the game. Halo pro players prove that they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone and that our suspicions were really true. Casuals don’t matter in Halo, only pro players, as if they have power over everyone else. It’s unfair and overwhelming.

Also that something that was right they change it knowing that there are more important things to solve in Halo Infinite.

Halo pro-players are spoiled crybabies of daddy 343. When they cry to get something, their father has no choice but to listen to them. It already happened in Halo 5 with the SMG and it happened again in Infinite. Very unfortunate


Legitimately the only crying I’m seeing is casuals who blame the pros for saying “Hey the game isn’t balanced.”

Get over it, get good, use the shotgun for a bang and slap.


Honestly, I am upset that rather than fixing the server netcoding as a priority; this nerf has come out first.

I haven’t touched the game in about two weeks and even though Tenrai is back up again, I just don’t feel it anymore. Playing Halo Infinite just feels… uninspired.
Maybe I will pick it up next season and see how this “wave of fixes” actually fixes the game. But honestly I’m not sure.

I have never been pushed away by a game that I actually wanted to be a part of. Halo 4 shoved me away with all of its changes. Halo 5 pulled me close with the multiplayer, but only doing so to add more force to the gut-punch that was the art style and story… but Halo Infinite?

For once I actually don’t want to play with friends. For once I look at the multiplayer with a sense of longing while also a sense of “why bother”? Halo 4 had you earn armors as you leveled up, but also loadout weapons and perks which pushed me away. Though Halo Infinite doesn’t have the loadouts, I look at the progression as more of a chore. And even disregarding the progression, this game feels barren and empty when I enter matches at times.

This Mangler Nerf feels as if 343 is just wasting their time to say “we care about the game, look we made a weapon tuning adjustment”.
But honestly?
I rarely ever encountered someone using the Mangler when it was in the map’s weapon selection for that match. I often still found it on the rack, people instead favored other weapons it seemed.
Was this update really necessary?
Or just a way to distract players by pushing something out, buying time until they can ACTUALLY get around to putting some real fixes to the problems that actually plague this game?


The course of the entire game shouldn’t be dictated by only pro players nor only by the casual players. Both sets of players should be considered. I’m also pretty sure that casual players outnumber the number of pro players by a decent bit (although with so much of the player base giving up on the game this might not be accurate anymore). The voice of the few should not outweigh the voices of the many. Also the mangler really didn’t need the nerf. It was fine the way it was.


If the voices of the correct outweigh the incorrect, then yes. Majority loses. That’s how it should be.

I used to be a pro player in the Star Wars: Squadrons scene - and a fairly well respected and regarded one at that. We knew the game intimately, what it did and didn’t need, what would make it better. The developers had their ear to the ground with us and made sure we got what we needed - but they didn’t abandon casuals either. Honestly, that hurt our scene that they tried to make specific balancing work for, well, two different scenes, so badly.

343i has clearly identified that this needed to change, but the thing is…

They are absolutely sticking to their guns.

They haven’t touched the AR past the flight change and are changing radar only for social modes. They’re clearly sticking to their vision for balancing, but making micro-adjustments that the casuals will not notice. So we all have to land two shots before meleeing. Good. Here’s what it does and doesn’t change.

1: Mangler no longer superior to Bulldog and Heatwave. Those are the bang and slap guns now, since the Mangler can’t do that.
2: Still matches the BR, which will both need 2-shot-and-slap for a shoot and melee kill.
3: Still fills its role as a powerful weapon in ranked. What we do is 2-shot with the mangler, and either drop it or switch to the BR to finish people off. The melee is now no longer an instant win, which makes it that much LESS of a steamrolling weapon for 3/8 people on the map to have. That is GREAT.

Here’s the thing. Spawning in 3-4 spots in the map, in its current state…? The team with most manglers outright has dominance because it’s the best gun in the game currently, for arena 4v4. Just, outright, it is the best. This change reduces its role at close range so that Bulldogs and Heatwaves can actually breathe, but it still threatens BRs and other mid range weapons.

This is nothing but a good balance and it won’t require 3 melees to kill people. It will still be 2.

The change for blanket melee damage reduction outright makes no difference in casual play and nobody will even remotely notice.


And you get to dictate who’s correct and who’s not? That’s a pretty subjective approach that shouldn’t be used.


As an ex pro in another game and a competitive player here, competitive players literally know the game better than casuals and understand what’s good for the game’s health better.

Every time 343i hasn’t listened to pros, it’s gotten worse. Don’t even try saying 5 was all pros. There were SO MANY DECISIONS that they claimed were pro geared or related where pros said, “They literally never asked us about this, that’s an outright lie.”

It looked Esportsy, but nobody in esports actually consulted a majority of those design decisions.

The comp scene IS being listened to for Infinite, and sandbox wise this game is doing the best since Halo 3.


The casual fan base (those who play social playlists and use forge and custom games) are arguably the backbone of the entire series.


You’d be surprised that there’s a lot of overlap. Without Forge the comp scene is basically at a standstill, since we can’t make or fix maps that are good for comp.

I for one love custom games, a good BTB (this game lacks a good one AT ALL.) and I love Forge. Once Forge comes out I’m not playing frakking anything else tbh. Until God of War 5 comes out, anyway, lol.

Point is, both communities are important… But when it comes to balancing?

Listen to the comp players. We DO know what’s up because we study the actual competitive and gunplay mechanics of the game.


Why are you talking as if YOU are the voice of the competitive scene and representative of competitive gamers when you’re clearly not even that good at the game, and are in fact just a casual gamer yourself?


Another user with another bad take. “I am the voice of Halo” bruh. KCDODGER, you are not the 99% of Halo users. Of the “20 million” people that played and left behind 20k players remaining, I’m sure most were fine with the Mangler. Literally just remove the Mangler from Ranked, or put it on the Bulldog/Heatwave weapon pad, and classify it as a tier 2 sub-power weapon with the other one shot beatdown weapons. Nerfing the Mangler and more importantly nerfing ALL MELEE DAMAGE has to be the biggest tidepod move 343 could have made. Clearly they are determined to fumble every possible executive decision for the rest of this game’s 10 year lifespan, if it even lasts that long.

The issue was having the Mangler on the same weapon pad as the Disruptor and Plasma Pistol, just because the Mangler is a smaller hand gun. It’s not in the same class as a support weapon. It shouldn’t be on that pad. It’s more in the Needler and Sentinel Beam class or higher. This was simply a weapon pad spawn oversight and the weapon doesn’t need a nerf. It needs to be put on the correct tier weapon pad.


There are 10thousand kinds of adjustments, and 343 chose the stupidest one .
I don’t think we should blame any pros, and I don’t see them stopping complaining after the 343 adjustment .
They could remove it from rank or enhance it’s acquisition difficulty and wait time, but they weaken the melee damage of the entire game. lol
I guess this weapon will continue to be good in the Hcs .
We should stop blaming each other as players. This is just 343 guiding us to divide the player group. We should unite and stop playing the game. When the data drops to panic level ,343 will try to fix the game .
As a player, what we want is that the game is fun, and what professional players want is very simple. The game competition keeps hot and keeps them rich,which is not contradictory .
The current situation is that all players are not satisfied, only 343 are still boasting temporary data and looking for excuses to blame fans .


You don’t have to convince me.

My friend told me during Tenrai that if I didn’t give him 60 skips from Rockstars and Pringles, he wouldn’t even still be playing. He’s the only person left on my whole friends list that still plays Infinite, and if he stops, I’m done with it too. My friends were 10x the Halo fans I am. I just played since CE for the love of the multiplayer gameplay. I liked every game up until Infinite. I hate Infinite. If all the biggest Halo fans I know are dropping the game, I’m not going to stick around much longer and play alone. It was great always having a 10 man team in BTB during the betas. Now, I am on my last straw. If 343 doesn’t impress us with Season 2, all 30+ of my friends are gone. If Forge isn’t the best damn Forge possible that would blow our minds beyond expectation, we aren’t coming back. I don’t expect any different from the rest of the 20 million players that slowly dropped to below 100k in 3 damn months bruh. It’s pathetic. We still have MCC. We don’t need this colossal failure of a game


I gave up on the game two months ago because of the stupid rank mechanics, and the choice seems like I was wise .
What I want to say is that the requirements of professional players and ordinary players do not conflict. Now that the game is cold , rank can’t find the normal team,there are as full of complaints as professional players. I don’t think this stupid adjustment will block their mouths .
Snipe, a star player, has often played apex for a long time ,because of his high reputation, he can be lucky to do so, and other pro can only play Infinite .
They suffer as much as I did a few months ago playing this game .
They didn’t leave the game only because of the contract and the money .
To put it bluntly, this is just a job .
If they leave the game to go to other games, can also make money, and there will be no less pro to leave the game .
Most people’s choices are to leave, leave the game, and then wait for the game to be fixed before playing is best .
343 is still bragging about TV dramas and suggesting that fans have hindered halo’s development recently. They are really ridiculous. Anyway, the data can talk. We just need to wait and watch 343 jokes. Maybe it will take one or two years to repair them, maybe it will take longer, like mcc, six or seven years?


Are there and quotes of pro players or other sources to back up your claim? The voices from pro players I heard all said: move te mangler to tier 2, don’t touch it’s functionality.

Beside: the casual base got their mighty AR. You already have a power weapon at each spawn at your disposal. For me it’s the reason I don’t even touch the social lists, but hey… thats how it is.


343 caters to the competitive crowd. Always has. Casuals make up the bulk of the player base. Maybe that’s why player count has dropped so dramatically.


I believ most pros wanted the weapon to be treated more like a power weapon rather than nerf it… It’s just 343 going the easy road again. Don’t blame the community.


Unfortunately, most balancing demands from casual players are geared around “It killed me, so it must be over powered” with nothing of factual substance to actually back those claims other then they died to it.

That’s not balancing the game, that’s dumbing it down.

Competitive players break down the game usually to provide actual facts behind their requests. Although in this case, most of the people in competitive who requested a change to the mangler just wanted it the respawn rate adjusted to that of a higher tier weapon, and not actually change anything about the weapon itself directly. They just wanted it restricted so that no more then 2 would be on the battle field at one time.


I’m tempted to like your comment cause its the only thing you’ve posted that we agree on.


I’m a casual player and I’ve hated the mangler for being an overpowered 1 shot no skill melee weapon. Get rid of it for all I care, its broken and overpowered.

You shouldn’t be able to kill someone in 1 second without a power weapon from the front.