"The Mangler is Broken!" Should 343 actually nerf this weapon? Is the Ranked Meta Overshadowed by the Mangler?

The Mangler is a great weapon to pick up. Many pro players like Optic Lucid showed us by, using a technique where he drops the Mangler after 2 shots and then uses his BR to hit the player with a headshot and get the point. Although most people don’t use the Mangler that way. They try to shoot the shields off their opponent with the Mangler but they try to shoot the head with the Mangler instead or they shoot their target and get close enough to melee them. The Mangler is a great weapon it can turn the tide if the player is good enough with the weapon. No decent player will let you run up to them with the Mangler in Ranked and not get punished for it. The Mangler has a Medium range shot but when it reaches the farthest it can go it starts to drop. Making the weapon feel less consistent. So the Average player tends to just use the 1 shot 1 Melee method for its faster and feels more fun. The biggest argument that I want to present to everybody is that they Mangler can be countered. Whether you duck and use cover or have a teammate close by. Anybody who can land their shots can kill a Mangler Player. The thing is that the casual player usually finds themselves in a 1v1 situation. Making them more often than not lost their engagement against the opponent with the Mangler. I believe that the best way to counter this “Meta” is to start teaching our community how to play the game. We have to make sure that the Devs aren’t over worked with unnecessary change. The Mangler is a weapon that brings so much to a team and for it to be nerfed… whether they remove the 1 shot 1 melee or the 3 shot method. Knowing that the Mangler is not going to be the same because of less damage or less shots would negatively impact the game. Nerfing is something that is needed in any game. I believe that change is necessary when it is for the right reasons. Although this Culture that has been created over the past decade of Nerfing and “balancing weapons” it’s going to far. I believe that the player wants to be able to come back to a game that feels constant. Like halo 5 or better yet Halo 3. They had weapons and abilities that made the better team win. Those who have adapted and persevered because of what they learn like Crouch jumping or the Mega Sliding are the players that want to be able to slay out and have fun. The Mangler is one of the many weapons that helps with that play style. I’m not saying that its the best play style, it’s not by any means. But it is fun, and that’s why i’s good. Another argument that people are bringing up is to put the Mangler in a Red Panel like the Heatwave. I also don’t think that’s a good idea. Because the heatwave is a weapon that can counter the Mangler. The other weapons really don’t stand a chance. What really makes a difference in these games that people are having trouble with are the techniques that people have found. I personally wish that I could pull off those technique’s that the pro scene is showing us. Those little things that make you stand out than the rest is what makes halo a great game a fun and enjoyable Experience. Like Crouch Jumping and doing the Mega Slide. I think that the people who want the gun nerf fail to see the possibilities. I’m a controller player, I feel that AA(Aim-assist) contributing a lot in my fights. I think that we should Buff M&K’s (Mouse & Keyboard) Bullet Magnetism. I feel like this is the party that is wanting the change. That would be the better decision. After that I’m sure we would see improvement. In the mean time, while we wait for the decision of 343 Devs. we should focus on growing the community by teaching ourselves how to play the game. I’m not saying at a pro level or anything but for those who are committed reach out and lets try to build a community that promotes growth. We need to teach those to Crouch Jump and Mega Slide(I don’t know what its actually called). There’s a lot to learn with this game and i think that it starts with us. those willing to speak our minds. That said, what do you think should happen with the Mangler? Is it really that broken?


  1. Leave the weapon itself alone

  2. For ranked, reduce the ammo to one clip (same as sniper and rockets)

  3. Change so the weapon pad is the red variety so only one on the field.


I hope they do not change the damage or do anything with it to be honest thats the only fun and actually good weapon in this entire game PLEASE 343 do not listen to pros that complain about literally anything

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I don’t think that the 3rd option is good because as I said it isn’t good of a weapon. I forgot to mention but the Bulldog and Heatwave can counter this weapon. The Mangler helps a lot in winning those fights to get better gear(like the bulldog or heatwave). I understand the frustration of dying to somebody with it. Although its something that shouldn’t be touched. especially because if only one team has one then that means the other team would not be able to fend for themselves. I think its fine where it is. If they do reduce the ammo, I would still be a little upset but its very understandable. I would be okay with that.

The third option has been recommended by a lot of people because of the one hit melee.

Lots of people like the one hit melee but having the ability for too many people to have the ability at the same time makes it OP not the weapon itself.

Proximitty made a video that explains this much better than I can through a forum…


Just tweak the spawn times and it’s fine

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You have about 4 weapons that can 1 shoot and melee like heatwave, Bulldog, sniper, and the Mangler(let me know if I’m missing any). Like I said this game promotes Team based gameplay. The Mangler helps the better team to control the map. If the Team that doesn’t use the Mangler to the best of its ability gets punished because they lost the gunfight. Then they should not let that happen in the first place. A Power Dynamic is what makes a competitive game feel good. The weapons on the wall are meant to make the player stronger. People just need to know this. Halo isn’t supposed to be a game where you slay out every match. The team is not around to help them and if they are group what are they looking at. How are they dying? We need to analyze what is happening. I believe that in order for this game to progress and start to go in the right direction. We need to establish the actual meta and teach that to others. Meaning, we should teach mechanics, teach positioning, and get the player to understand why and what has happened in their gameplay. That’s the actual solution. We are just being lazy. I just watched the video you sent and this is what i think.

8 Bullet Mangler Currently

1.) 4 body shots = 2 KILLS - that means that you have bean using it at range and that is the least optimal

2.) 3 shots for a perfect = 2 KILLS + 2 Spare shots- this is a Semi- perfect method for kills

3.) 2 body shots + 1 BR burst to the head= 4 kills - this is the optimal strat to get kills.

4.) 1 shot + melee = 8 kills

The 1st method doesnt give you any rewardsd that actually impacts the game. Unless you keep dying to the Mangler player or you start to get outplayed by the rest of the
team(you can’t use the mangler correctly or your team just cant hit their shots, All hell breaks loose). The reason why the second is so powerful again thats positioning and how the player lets the other player gets close.
Now the 3rd method to get a kill. How is this countered?! The main method is to use the numbers in your team to wipe them out. They’re are plenty of examples in pro-player Gameplay.
A good player will keep their distance, and use cover/movement. The 4th method is the one that people pay attention to the most. You can get potentially 8 kills.
That never happens unless you are a really good player (Pro Players/High ranked) with luck and knowledge of spawns and a way to close the gap. If the Player that is using the mangler is close to their target.
Depending on their resources they can counter. This game at the end of the day is meant to reward a player that is a tactical aggressor. It promotes fast movement and its supposed to punish you when you are out of line.
That goes for everything especially what weapons the team controls. Then the argument comes down to skill and knowledge. I would love to go into specifics but we have to understand that their are consequences to how you play the game.
Proximitty shows examples of players trying to 1v1 and, players who aren’t paying attention to what is going on. If the Team was contributing to the fight im sure those scenarios would not had played out that way.
The players who are paying attention are getting out played becuase of the 3rd method in the example of lucid. I understand that but again Optic Lucid had 3 people show up 1 by 1. Making it well look easy to get the kill.
If the team got there faster they couldve done something together. But here we are. We arent debating wether the mangler should be nerfed but im also against messing with the spawn rate. because yes a good player should be rewarded when
they can land their shots. that is the point of a shooter. Getting the kill. If you take a weapon out like the Mangler to just 1 on the map. that isnt helping out either. Because if team controls the heatwave, spanker, or the bulldog
the mangler starts to fall off. The mangler is one of the weapons that can turn the tide of a game on both sides if used to the best of its ability(like any other gun). We have to learn how to dodge and how to position better. Again
It is not the the spawn rate or the type of plate that its in, its the player not knowing what to do in those gunfights or better yet the team. So again leave the meta alone. we have other bugs to fix. Like the Spanker not hitting or the
Servers crashing. The store loading times. This weapon should not be touched.

You keep saying “like I said”.

I’m not trying to be rude but it’s going to sound that way - no-one is going to read that length of post especially with no paragraphs.

I didn’t read the first one, only the title.

I’ve given my opinion. I guess you don’t agree but I’m not going through quoting that because H7 will be out by then.

Everything in the video of the link I gave, I agree with and I agree with those reasons.

Again this sounds rude I know but no offense intended :+1:

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Dude. Writing a wall of text is a sure fire way of being ignored.

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Mangler is fine. Leave it alone.

They need to improve the Commando slightly. At least just a little less recoil.

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I think if Pros dealt with MLG Halo 2 that had the most Overpowered Plasma Pistol, Sword, and the instant weapon switch mechanics, they can deal with the Mangler, which is not even as powerful.

Watching these Pro Series events, it doesn’t seem to control the game any more than say the Shock or Stalker Rifles, to be honest. But, I would not be against there being one of them on smaller maps.


I understand, but this is supposed to be about dialogue. not one liners. This is why people cant get stuff done. No one ever talk or wants to listen. Try to actually show you care when you reply. I don’t think its okay to waste time if you aren’t trying to actually talk about the problem.

I put effort in my response’s. This is a game that I care about. I have to explain why and where I stand. I don’t have a video to explain all of this. Ill work on one when I find the time.

TLDR . Imagine reading that giant wall of text

It’s not that people don’t want to listen. It’s that that those 2 posts above are purely one person’s opinion about a mangler.

We have hundreds of people here, some more vocal than others and hundreds of issues we want to bring up.

If everyone wrote a thread that long about every topic no-one would be capable of reading, digesting, breaking down and quoting that and can absolutely guarantee 343 would never begin reading it.

Some topics warrant it but not one of the many weapon balancing (non?)issues

I truly believe the video


represents my views well and should keep social and ranked people as happy as possible.

“here he drops the Mangler after 2 shots and then uses his BR to hit the player with a headshot and get the point” That’s a normally strategy with most weapons though.

I do not think that video poses a great argument as far as the spawn things goes. really it just shows how incompetent some players can be(the clips playing in the background). I also agree that 343 and people don’t have the time to read everything. although, that is the wrong mindset FOR a business, they should always read reviews and threads whenever possible. I was also not stating an opinion. It’s an argument as to why your video has a bad reason to switch up the meta. The better solution is for 343 to get a proper working game. then focus on potentially messing with the game. Like adding more weapons and abilities.

I do admit that my first approach to the thread was bad. I shall fix it in the future. Thank you for the advice. Being rude in necessary sometimes. although I do not think you were.

Bad players? He’s pretty well known and very high ranked and the views are echoed by the likes of Lucid :joy:

I’ve politely written two posts explaining everything and now you’ve just duplicated the thread.

I tried.

I’m talking about the players proximity is facing. i also explain what the other team could’ve done to counter Lucid in that clip.

I understand that you think my thread is “too long”. that’s okay, you don’t have to read it. Although read it before you start stating that its an “opinion”.

The new thread has the cleaned up version. I hope you have a great day and enjoy your games when you play!

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Ok, I get ya. :+1:

…20 character min…

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