The Making of Halo (Halo Collectible)

I managed to run a across an item that I only found some small details about. Apparently is relatively the same to Halo The Movies. Has anyone else seen this before because I haven’t. Be great to hear from the 343 staff if they know anything.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

11 hours of searching and I find an old OMX report from the UK. Good read but it doesn’t give any detail about this disc or about this item. I need more information.

nice it showed up… and since it is collectible. time to go look the video up on youtube.

EDIT: yep cant find it

Yeah if you can get BS Angel to look at this item. It’s defiantly very exclusive and rare. The only company that would know would be Bungie if 343 has no idea. I am going to post it on right now and see if I can get some feed back. It looks legit and its still shrink wrapped. The only question is what is TRULY on that disc.

EDIT: I did check the film from Mac World 1999 “Halo the Movies” on HBO and I didn’t see this item on their site either. VERY strange. Louis Wu has to know something.