The majority of the battle pass consists of stuff to get through it easier…

Double xp… challenge swaps… absurd. I actually think the req packs were better than this trash. Miss me with that “it’s free”. Yes it’s free in the way that mobile games are “free”. I mean… how many armors are there actually day 1 in game compared to halo 5. A fraction of the amount.

In my opinion cosmetics in a game should cost fractions of how much they charge for them. I should be able to buy dozens of cosmetic items and maybe… maaaybe get close to the price of a full game. Not buy 2 armors and a emblem and basically have paid for a full priced game. It’s absolutely insane that to own everything you I’ve to spend thousands.


Don’t even mind too much. I’m only looking for the achievement and don’t really care too much about the skins so that suits me perfectly well.

I’m an exception though.

If I were interested in skins more, I’d probably complain about it too.

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Okay but by not caring it’s just contributing to the problem, they egregiously monetized and subbed monetized elements of the game, the core of it is freaking fantastic and it’s fun to play, but nicely… three dry launches in a row, a soul killing progression system, and I’m overly monetized customization system where the word free is just a friendly word.

I have bigger issues with this. It kills the flow of normal gameplay. Even I myself am quitting out of matches if I don’t get the game-mode that my challenges require.
It’s stupid and should at a bare minimum NOT be tied to PvP, if not entirely changed anyways.

I already heard weird challenge from the Fiesta event where people have to end the streaks of other players 5 times whereas I’m here just having to do double kills and either finishing or winning the matches.

Balancing of these challenges is off the roofs.

Yeah, I would rather go back to the req packs. As annoying as the unlocks being completely random were, at least you could get credits through playing the game and not have to spend money to try and get some new armor.

I know this is… shocking… but could you imagine actually unlocking stuff via… you know earning it.


Yeah, gotta wonder how they forgot to make earnable credits after Halo 5, it’s almost like it was intentional.