The major things still wrong with this game:

Dear 343i, things have been on track lately, but Halo 4 needs more of a drastic change if you have any hope of boosting the population. For the next title update, please implement all of these changes:

Take the boltshot out of all loadouts and put it as a map weapon drop. That’s where it belonged in the first place. Don’t nerf it, just don’t let people spawn with it.

Take active camo out of loadouts and put it as an ordinance drop. Make it like the old school camo pickups where you’re completely invisible regardless of movement speed. Camo never belonged in loadouts because it just promotes camping and poor gameplay. I know a bunch of you at 343 love camping, but it is not healthy for the game, sorry.

Bring back the red X. Seriously, there was no reason to remove this, and having an ally-only radar just confuses the more inexperienced players.

For the love of god, take off weapon despawns. Nobody likes this. I want to be able to go and retrieve my weapon when I die. I want to be able to pick up extra ammo from dead guys, since we spawn with so little ammo in this game. In the campaign, I want to be able to leave my power weapon on the ground and come back for it later. Same with spartan ops. Again, there was no reason to remove this.

Please fix the frame rate issues with split screen. People like to be able to play with their friends when they come over to their house. The lag makes it impossible.

Drastically revamp the matchmaking system. Join in progress is fine, but don’t throw players into a new voting sequence immediately after their match is done. I liked the old option from Halo 3 where you could party up, and then the system would find you new players. Also, once the system has found a full party of players, don’t let them exit out during the voting process! Halo 4 players have become WAY too used to quitting, to the point where it becomes impossible to play with a full team in team throwdown. On a side note, I also dislike the voting tiebreaker. The map on the left should not get priority. It should be random.

Make a new deal to get Halo back on the MLG circuit. When Halo has pros to promote the game on a grand stage, it benefits both us the players, and you the developers.

I really don’t think any of these things are unreasonable, and I am positive that all players want these changes (minus the boltshot-camo campers who make it their job to ruin the game). All of these changes would benefit the game in a huge way, and make it very playable. Please implement these right away.

Boosting the population when what is there left to save?