The Magnum Is Too Weak And Other Problems With Weapons

I have been playing halo since the beginning when I was like 12 in 2001 and one of the consistent Halo traditions is that the pistol(magnum) is always powerful. The infinite pistol is WAY to weak. I punched an opponent and then shot them 9 times in the chest at close range and I still didn’t kill them. I have noticed having to shoot opponents 12 or 15 times in mid to far range. That is just absurd compared to the pistol’s power in Halo 1, 4, Reach, and 5. What happened to the pistol having a scope? I know that in Halo 2 the scope was gone but the pistol with the scope is like trademark Halo! Where is the covenant carbine? the DMR? The plasma rifle? The SMG? All of the promethean weapons? Don’t get me wrong, I love the new weapons in infinite, but that doesn’t mean that I want to lose all of the old weapons. PLEASE buff up the pistol and add some of the classic Halo weapons!

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other then 1 and 5, the pistol is mainly supposed to be a backup.

plus the Promethean weapons, they were generally just a reskin of the human weapons, same functions and all, with really the only unique one being the Blotshot, and the Heatwave being a better Scattershot.


Halo 1, Halo 4, Halo Reach, and Halo 5 all had powerful pistols with a scope actually.
The OG guns should never change Imo. If it aint broke don’t fix it. If you want to add new guns then go for it but keep the OG Halo weapons in the game so that it always feels like Halo. With the fast weak pistol and the faster pace multiplayer it feels like I’m Playing COD Advanced Warfare, not a Halo game. especially since I am rarely finding the plasma pistol, needler, and the few other classic weapons that are actually in the game.

I really don’t want to see a powerful pistol return because it takes priority in your arsenal and then you just end up with matches like in Halo 5 where it was pretty much pistol-only for most matches because of it’s reliability

Having it work specifically as a secondary was a good call in my opinion.


I disagree . Halo has always been pistolcentric. if you don’t like that then there are plenty of other FPS out there with weak pistols that are only for backup. This is the only one like this. Real OG Halo fans like the scoped pistol, It’s one of the main factors that make Halo unique.

Except the pistol was garbage in both Halo 2 and 3. The pistol already has a faster TTK than the AR. It’s fine.


But in Halo 2 and 3 at least you could duel wield them.

The pistol is a 9 body shots to kill.
or 6 body 1 head.
It has a faster time to kill than the AR or BR if you can land your hits.

You can also zoom in and shoot without the disadvantage of zooming out when shot.

Well then there’s a bug because I’m counting 12-15 body shots to kill lol. I would be fine with 9. Plus the BR is a three round burst so 12 shots to kill with the BR is really just 4 trigger pulls.

All weapons have inconsistent damage online. Could be a connection issue or it could be a beta issues.
Running weapon drills in the Academy is the best place to test out weapons since it is a offline mode.

As for 4 trigger pulls, While it’s a smaller number than 9 you can unload all 12 rounds of the sidekick before the 3rd burst on a BR finishes.

That’s not the issue it’s too inconsistent with bloom it’s not that hard to understand….

so youd rather everyone use the AR which doesnt require precise aim, but kills faster than a weapon that requires more skill?

Man i swear people want the game to cater to the lowest of the low. The honor is gone.


Ok but bloom wasn’t mentioned as one of the issues in OPs post or anywhere else in this thread, it was in regards to the power of the weapon itself.

I actually agree the bloom needs to be adjusted, I hate bloom in Halo. You probably shouldn’t assume and follow what’s being talked about before you go and make an -Yoink!- of yourself.


The pistol when it was viable as a primary was easy to use throughout Halo just because the AR has currently taken that slot means nothing about skill, people use the meta weapon, it’s that simple

Not really sure what you’re implying when you talk about the ‘lowest of the low’, Halo has been a fun casual game since the start, let’s not inject a competitive tone into every aspect of gaming, please.

Obviously you haven’t ran into too many steady handed KBM players, the pistol absolutely deletes people. It can outshoot a BR at midrange due to the lack of recoil and higher ROF.

Also, you’re wearing some thick rose-tinted glasses regarding the pistols legacy in Halo. Halo CE was THE pistol, then Halo 2 introduced the BR and that was pretty much it for the sidearm. It made small returns in 4/5, but thats about it.

A small return? Halo 5 was the most pistol-centric game in the series since 1

YES, thank you. They are watering Halo down to appeal to the masses by making it less skill-based while disregarding the Halo specific fans that have been here from the beginning and you know, kept the game relevant for two decades… Because that strategy worked so well for the music industry… Watering down Rock music for the masses totally killed Rock. Why would they do this with Halo?


His argument was not that the pistol was hard to use, but that it took more skill than the AR and he is absolutely right.

The bloom on the Pistol makes it useless beyond close range, and at close range the Pistol will lose to pretty much every other close range weapon. Pistol = Death… The Pistol currently has no value and therefore no place in the game. The only real options to make it a useful weapon are:

  1. More accurate at range
  2. More damage, fewer shots
  3. Longer clip, more ammunition.

I have literally dumped every single Pistol round I’ve had into two opponents and was unable to get a kill before I ran out of bullets. The Pistol is a useless weapon, get it out of my hands please.

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1 game out of (now) 6, yes, that is a small return. Again, your rose colored glasses on the subject are near coke-bottle level.

Buffing the pistol (as it stands) would make it an absolute nightmare with the current crossplay issues. If they introduce an input exculsion toggle (which is a MUCH bigger issue) then I think the topic deserves to be revisited. As of now, the pistol is already shredding people when used by KBM players, even out to mid range, and buffing it will just make that worse.