The MA5 Series - electronics suite

Has anyone ever wondered what is actually inside the electronics suite of the MA5 rifles?
I had a think about it. Here is what we know is in there:
-ammunition counter
-electronic compass
-Iron sights (MA5B)
-gas tube (MA37)

Aside from the gas tube, none of these would take up much space, considering the level of electronics technology (superconductors, AIs, holographic storage, etc). So what else is in there?

Here’s what I think might be inside:
-Charging handle reconnect mechanism - the bolt handle on the rifle is pushed forward after reloading, despite it never being pulled back, and the handle doesn’t reciprocate during use. There could be an electromechanical system that locks the charging handle to the bolt and locks the weapon in open bolt when the magazine counter hits zero.
-Fire rate control system - it is quite obvious that the MA5 series does not have the room for a full sized firing mechanism, due to the short length of the stock. It may be that it has a very short bolt and an electronic firing pin to reduce the length of the mechanism. The fire control system would keep the ROF at levels that would prevent loading errors or jams.
-Internal camera - connected to the smart-link reticule
-Smart-link system - controls the flow of data from the rifle to the user, eg ammunition, reticule

Any ideas?

Those all seem like pretty viable components. I’ve actually been trying to justify the way the weapon operations work for the rifles for a while now and this seems like it would make the most sense. However, the BR and DMR would also need this mechanism for them to make sense.

Also I believe every model of the MA5’s would have a gas tube. It’s just that the MA37 has a more skeletal frame so it’s visible.

They also likely have the design purpose of several modern day handguns in that when you slam fhe magazine in hard enough, the slide will automatically unlock.

Id assume they have something like this but to release the bolt. (In some games you released it but others you didnt. So maybe they have manual and auto idk haha)

It could be a setting the operator chooses. I forgot about that handgun principle. I think in reality it’s just an oversight of the animator who isn’t fully familiar with how certain firearms operate.

Thats likely it haha (it bugged me so bad)

I just like to think that so it makes sense.

I mean, it seems like a useful design so why wouldn’t a future rifle use it?