The LR, Pulse Grenades, and Weapons Mastery

I start this topic by stating that I have not read these forums in a couple of days. I usually try to go through them at least once every day. I don’t post that often, let alone start a topic, but I recently felt compelled to. I want to call attention to the Light Rifle and Pulse Grenades, as well as Weapons Mastery commendation. First off, I just recently completed maxing out the LR, and I am on a push to finish the PG’s. I am currently working on Weapons Mastery. It is unfortunate how long it is taking me though, but then again working on this has kept me playing and the game has stayed interesting. I started this push a couple of months ago, after I got my CSR130, and yes it was too easy to get and I wish I could still keep accumulating XP points, if only to see the number.

I recently had a game with 11 PG kills, game stats. It was a Regicide match. I read in another forum some tips on how to get PG kills, and I tried them out. Basically using Grenadier as my Tactical Package really made the difference, and the fact that in that playlist, more than others it seems, there is more chance of a group of two or three will gather and you can toss a couple of grenades in and get a kill or two. Also the PG’s really help when being chased, you have to time it just right or you might stun yourself, but you can toss them right at your feet; the first one will take out their shields and the second one will kill them. Plus when someone is hiding in a corner or ledge they are great for “sticking” just right and they basically stun them through the wall. They are not easy to use. I have been struggling with them for a little while now. I think dreading is a better word, just like the Plasma Pistol which is a weapon I haven’t really concentrated on yet. It is not just Regicide I am using these. I have them in all my loadouts, and I have some good success with them in other playlists as well. Although I usually average 1-3 it seems like. In the other playlists I am more prone to stripping shields with them rather than getting the kill. I have found some nice success in vehicles kills as well.

Next is the LR. I have been, at times mind you, not in every game, cleaning up with this weapon. I know there are some upcoming changes to this weapon, and it will be even better. The only time I pick up a DMR nowadays is when I run out of ammo and that is the nearest weapon I can pick up. Don’t get me wrong. Until recently I would go back to the DMR when I was getting my -Yoink- kicked way too much by that weapon in a match, and couldn’t take not being on an even playing field. I will say that I have been beating out some DMR players with this thing. It is a really nice feeling when you are able to out 1v1 from across the map on BTB, mainly because I haven’t used the DMR as a primary in a long time so I often feel the wrath of cross map death. I know some of you will go and look at my stats and you will see games that I played profusely bad. Yes, I am not the best shot, plus my strafe could use some work; also a lot of my problem is a tendency to revert back to, what I like to call, Dax runs in and dies, mode. I have a really bad habit of forgetting about my radar, and needing revenge. All of those things gets me killed more often than not. I just want to stress that if I can have success with this weapon than others can too.

The last thing is Weapons Mastery. I have really been enjoying playing with this goal in mind. To explain: I play as a random more often than not, I play mostly Infinity Slayer, BTB, Regicide, Rumble Pit, Team Action Sack, and Castle. My most used weapon shows the BR, however that is because I used it a lot in Spartan Ops. I have been going through all the weapons and completing them. My numbers are: Weapons 74%, UNSC 97%, Covenant 62%, Forerunner 50%. I have finished all my precision weapons. I set my loadouts with the weapons I am working on at that moment to complete it. Right now I am using combinations of Storm Rifle, Bolt Shot, PG, BR, LR, even a Suppressor. I mention all of this because this has been what is keeping this game from going stale for me. I have had to change my gameplay up a little with each of these different weapons. It has been a challenge. I don’t always have success, but I have ended up appreciating what each weapon has to offer, the pros and cons of them. I have had to switch things up with CQB and long range battle in ways I might not have if I stuck with the one combination that is guaranteed success the majority of the time. I don’t have to say what that is. All of you that pay attention in the game, and in these forums know what I mean. I do want to make clear I am not saying that weapon choice is all you need for success. At least that is not how it works for me. I am an average player. I am saying this to all those out there who have stopped playing this game, this is a way for you to come back and start appreciating it again. I understand all the angst that is felt towards this game. Yes, there are annoying aspects, but there are some truly satisfying ones as well.

In closing I offer one example: in BTB, running along and notice a camo glitch user activating the glitch, so you know he/she thinks you don’t see him/her or know where he/she is, thereby, you catch him/her off guard and kill him/her with a PG, LR combo of your own. The sweet feeling of knowing what you just did took at least some skill, (i.e. being aware of your radar, and using those two weapons, ones that most think are difficult and non-advantageous, and end in success). Doesn’t that sound like a good time? Well it has been for me. I hope I start seeing a bunch more LR and PG users out there. Just to make things a little more interesting. The thought of a random team using mostly LR’s and PG’s puts a smile on my face.

Have you started trying to complete the plasma pistol yet?

> Have you started trying to complete the plasma pistol yet?

I haven’t totally focused on it, but I do have it in my BTB loadout. A couple of times here recently I have tried using it exclusively for a few kills here and there. I am 6/10 on the “Qualified” tier.

Like I said this one is not going to be fun, but I have had my little success when approaching a group and concentrating on the one you can see has shields lowered. Other than that I haven’t figured out a good strategy. I’ll probably only using it in Regicide or Rumble Pit.