the lost console connection to the halo server 5

Good afternoon, I wanted to make my report about a failure that I have been experiencing for about 6 months. When I play just me, at first I got out of the games, but then it was fixed, but also took me out when I was with a team, now it only takes me out when I’m with a team and it’s very uncomfortable since I play competitively, so I’m not I was able to return to the tournaments again, I would like them to give me a solution and call the support of xbox and they told me it was my internet, call my internet and they told me it was all right, then I am already very desperate, please if I They could help, in advance thank you

Have you considered calling up your internet service provider (ISP) so they can check your line for any issues? I may have experienced a similar issue back when my internet was down for 3 quarters of Summer 2017, but had things fixed when my ISP sent a technician to fix my line.