The Looking Glass - Unique Three Dimensional Competitive Combat

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The Looking Glass Overview
The Looking Glass is a map that tries to create a different gameplay experience. The biggest problem with trying something new is how gimicky it can be if not implemented effectively and as a compliment to a competitive experience rather than something that distracts from it. I’ve put well over 40 hours trying to make sure that the map feels like a competitive map.
The Looking Glass uses a roof that implements the one way shield trick commonly found in zip lines in other gametype based maps. The difference being that at a 90 degree, horizontal angle it allows the player to use the roof as a different way to move around the map. There are four entrances to the ceiling, One in each base located on the second floor and two on opposite sides of the middle. There are 6 exits from the ceiling two on each side of both Pyramid structures and one one each side that puts you on the second floor of each base. This insures that the roof has two purposes, a strategic purpose and a way to travel to each base. This is one way I make sure that the ceiling feels part of the competitive experience, it has more than one practical purpose.
The other way I made the ceiling feel part of the map is an extreme attention to detail in making sure the ceiling allows gameplay to flow normally as in any other map. The ceiling was redone numerous times using 4x4 blocks, the bottom of bridges, 2x2 steep ramps, and finally experimenting with different patterns of colliseum walls. The effort was well worth it, the ceiling is so smooth and easy to navigate it has to be played to be believed! I also was constantly testing to be sure a player can use all the tools normally at his disposal. You can still headshot a player hanging from the ceiling and even perform as assassination!
I used one more interesting feature to make the map feel even more unique, the inclusion of The Looking Glass. If you look at the bottom middle of the map you will see a drop down that ends in glass. When you jump in you ‘pass’ through the glass and fall from the top of the map. You move up when you feel like you should move down. It’s another great effect that should be played to see the care and precision to make this map unique. Another way up to the top middle (Which is the location of the concussion rifle spawn) is to use the satellites that provide cover between the ceiling and floor of the map to walk up to the top middle (Placed at 30 degree angle).
Aesthetically I also placed falling playing cards on the walls to further the Alice in Wonderland feel.
My friends can’t get enough of this map and I hope you enjoy it too!

Puts on sunglasses and black outfit Whoa.