The "Look" Achievements

Ive been going through the games to get the easter egg achievements and noticed starting with the halo 2 multiplayer map achievements where you have to look at them not always popping. For Halo 2 these ones didnt pop, Sid graffiti,Why Am I Here and Animal Habitat
So anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Edit: After checking all my unlocked achievements through the xbox list,turns out i got them way back in 2014.
Didnt help that the ingame list said they weren’t unlocked


When I did my H2A soda can achievements and H3 “Look” achievements, they took a whole day to pop for me.

If you can’t wait, try restarting your system?

Those achievements can take some time to pop for some reason. Sometimes they can take 2 seconds, a day or months.

Try a restart or be patient I had the same issue before

Oh I remember doing those ages ago, had similar issue, keep trying and they do pop

well turns out it was not the game,was looking through the xbox achievement list and found those ones unlocked back in 2014,new waypoint really needs to bring back achievements for easier searching.
But it didnt help the ingame list said i didnt unlock them